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When I initially began recovering from disordered eating and navigating my way through therapy, intuitive eating, and body acceptance, I felt extremely alone. I was finding it incredibly hard to heal, accept my changing body, and let go of food rules, especially when my media feed was still saturated with diet and weight-loss related content. With every before and after picture and healthified recipe and “sculpting” workout I saw, I experienced a small setback that made me want to retreat back to my old ways. 

It was not until I detoxed and revamped my social media feed that I started to feel myself making substantial progress. It was when I started to follow accounts that promoted anti-diet, weight inclusivity, intuitive eating, body respect, self-love, and eating disorder recovery, that I began to recognize just how many people struggle with their relationship with food and their bodies. I started to feel less alone, and it made it easier to heal when my social media feed was filled with content that supported my recovery from diet culture. 


Whether they are dietitians, counselors, activists, or all of the above, each and every one of them is a part of the greater movement towards changing the narrative around food, weight, and health. This amazing community helped me open my eyes to the toxic roots of diet culture and weight discrimination. Giving up dieting and healing your relationship with food and your body is a scary process, but it can be a little easier when you engage with this incredible network of strong, liberated, passionate individuals.


@evelyntribole and @elyseresch

The original authors of Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Anti-Diet Approach paved a path towards healing for a large community of chronic dieters and those recovering from disordered eating. They are the original founders of the principles that outline the practice of intuitive eating. 


Author of Anti-Diet, host of Food Psych Podcast, and Registered Dietitian, Christy Harrison’s account is a platform through which she advocates for intuitive eating, Health-At-Every-Size, and eating disorder recovery. (Her podcast is totally worth checking out too). 


A powerful account run by Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Certified Eating Disorder RD, and disabled dietitian, Anna Sweeney. 


Dietitian Nutritionist and Activist, Kimmie Singh, talks about body politics, fat liberation, eating disorders, intuitive eating, and PCOS on her page. 


Anti-Diet Dietitian, Dalina’s account offers a safe space to help Latinas end chronic dieting and find food freedom. 


Intuitive Eating and Body Image Coach, author of The Intuitive Eating Plan and host of Intuitive Bites podcast, Kirsten Ackerman’s account offers anti-diet, intuitive eating, and Health-At-Every-Size related content. 


Eating Psychology Coach and Nutritionist, Stephanie Webb, talks about body confidence and guilt/stress-free eating on her page. 


Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Registered Dietitian, Lauren Cadillac discusses healing your relationship with food and giving up dieting. 


Registered Dietitian, Michaela Putala, touches base on the toxicity of diet culture and the diet-binge cycle. 


Registered Nutritionist, Laura Thomas (PhD), offers a page about intuitive eating, weight inclusivity, and non-diet nutrition. 

@clairchewning ; A humorous twist

With a humorous side, Intuitive Eating Registered Dietitian Claire Chewning, has a page about body and mind nourishment ad food freedom. 


Diet Culture Rebel and Food Freedom Advocate Bonnie Roney fills her page with creative content. 


Shana Minei’s (MS, RDN, CDN) account offers an array of HAES and anti-diet related content. 



Psychologist and founder of The Anti-Diet Plan, Alexis Conason, talks about dropping out of diet culture and reclaiming your relationship with your body and food. 


Run by a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor-in-training and mindfulness advocate, @intuitively.eaten touches base on fatphobia, thin privilege, weight stigma, and the toxicity of diet culture on her account. 


Eating disorder therapist, Jennifer Rollin, discusses eating disorder recovery, body image, and anxiety. 


Therapist-in-training, Mimi, talks about eating disorder healing, weight inclusivity, and body acceptance. 



Nonprofit organization Project HEAL aims to break down systemic and financial barriers to eating disorder treatment within healthcare. 


Created by actress, writer, model, and actress Jameela Jamil, I Weigh is a movement about radical inclusivity, which includes those of all races, genders, size and more. 


Anorexia survivor, HAES, and intuitive eating advocate, Debbie, creates and re-shares messaging about the risks of dieting and the importance of healing our relationship to our bodies and food. 


Alex Light’s impactful account circulates around body confidence, anti-diet,w and eating disorder recovery.  


On my own account, I aim to portray the importance of body acceptance, the benefits of intuitive eating, and the dangers of diet culture while offering support and encouragement for healing and growth. 

Commit an act of self-care and give these accounts a follow. Knowing that there is a growing community out there of powerful and compassionate people can help us all grow into more fulfilled, happier, healthier, and confident versions of ourselves. It is with and through this community that I have found my own way towards food freedom, self-acceptance, and healing – something we all deserve. 

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Hey there! :) I'm Ava (B.A. Communication + Psychology from UC Davis). I am a writer, intuitive eating activist and have a strong passion for body acceptance and self-love. I believe in utilizing research to share the message on what it TRULY means to be happy and healthy!
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