5 Things To Do On (Or Before) Halloween

Do you need some ideas for activities to do with friends and family this Halloween? Check out these ideas for a spooky, cozy, and festive Halloween!

Go to a pumpkin patch!

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Taking pictures and picking out a pumpkin is always fun and festive.

Carve pumpkins and roast the seeds

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You're never too old to carve and decorate pumpkins with friends. Try roasting the pumpkin seeds as yummy snacks!

Try to navigate your way through a spooky corn maze

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The Dixon Corn Maze is always a fun spooky adventure!

Bake Halloween-inspired treats!

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Try going all out and making Halloween-themed snacks and desserts!

Halloween movie marathon

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Cook up a batch of popcorn and curl up with blankets and friends to watch nostalgic Halloween movies, or even horror movies!

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