4 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Fell for a Senior

Having feelings for someone is probably one of the best but also worst feelings that I could ever feel. I was constantly torn between liking them so much and wanting them to be so involved in my life and meet my friends and all that; and the feeling of knowing they are leaving and all this is temporary because you know you’re on two different life paths. These are 4 things I wish someone told me before I fell for this boy — and trust me ladies, I fell hard, straight on my face. 

1. No matter how awesome and sweet they are, there will always be a hint of a condescending tone 

This is not because they think they know better than you or think they know more than you, this is simply just because they are older than you and have been through it. That professor who failed you for incorrect grammar? Yeah, they took them… twice, and know exactly what you’ve been through and they are over it. Oh, your housemates suck? Tough nuts, their housemates sucked even worse and they had to live with them for 2 years instead of 1. It’s not that their problems are more important or that yours are less valid, it’s just that everything you’ve been through, they’ve experienced too. 

2. They won’t always want to hang out with you and your friends

This is not because they don’t like you or your friends. It’s simply because it’s just a little weird for your 22-year-old boy toy to hang out with your 19-year-old friends in your apartment. It goes the other way too: I did not always want to hang out with his friends because they were all old and boring and talked about job opportunities and housing.  

3. They won’t always understand your academic stress because they are almost done 

Being a fourth year and experiencing his last quarters in school, I totally understand why he clocked out. But it was so frustrating being in tears over a damn chemistry problem and have him tell me, “It’s fine if you get one bad grade, it’s not the end of the world.” I knew he was right because one bad grade does not explain my worth but it was still very frustrating for him to just… not… get it. You know what I mean? 

4. They will leave. As hard as it is to hear, they will leave and it will hurt like hell

I always knew walking in that this was temporary, but it is a completely different feeling when you’re actually in it and you realize you have one last quarter left with this amazing person that you enjoy spending so much time with. They have to leave, there is a whole world out there that they have to experience and more importantly, I have years left at Davis that I have to make the most of, and pining is not an option. They will talk about moving, show you apartment options and ask you if its worth it, and in the back of your head you’ll be screaming, “No, it is not worth it, stay here.” But at the end of the day, you gotta let them go because it’s not fair to either of you.