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Things to Think About Before Getting a Puppy

Getting a new puppy is always so exciting but these furry friends do come with a lot of responsibility to consider. When getting the puppy you should consider where the puppy is coming from. Adopting from shelters and rescues saves many lives and promotes a more ethical purchase. Also, when getting a puppy you must remember the long-term commitment you are making. You can’t just return a dog if they’re sick or not to your liking as you have made a commitment for life. They are a time commitment as well as a financial commitment. Due to things such as daily walks and annual vet visits they should be planned for accordingly.

[bf_image id="q6mzxx7bjbsg793t8g3rtcrh"] It is so important to do research before getting your first puppy or a pet to make sure you are getting a pet that is compatible with your lifestyle. Especially young puppies require loads of attention and effort into house training. You may be getting up throughout the night to take care of the puppy and not be able to leave the puppy alone until they are trained. It is also important to consider that puppies are curious and can possibly chew or eat items around the house so you must prepare appropriately. Furthermore, doing research into the life spans and needs of certain breeds can give insight into making sure that you will be able to provide a good quality of life for the pet with regard to your own future plans such as living situations down the line.

[bf_image id="qdiyva-7xpmeo-eygydb"] However, do not let this deter you from getting a puppy or a dog. With proper research and preparation welcoming a new life into your home is such an amazing experience. You have a loyal companion for life. They are an amazing friend to have for hikes and workouts and just the most loveable creatures. They are also often great companions for emotional support as they’re always there for you. I would definitely recommend looking into getting a puppy!

Dana Morshed

UC Riverside '23

Dana is a second-year Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology major. In her free time, she enjoys going to the beach and volunteering.
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