Ramen Hacks

The instant ramen eating college student stereotype definitely applied to me during my freshman year. Although probably not the healthiest option, due to its convenience during late-night study sessions rather than the price point, my roommate and I loved making it together and testing out different recipes. Finding tasty upgrades to dress up our meals allowed us to explore sodium intense flavors by ditching the seasoning packets and trying to add a little nutrition to the typically unhealthy food. Here are some of the ramen hacks I love:

  1. 1. Add an Egg!

    Cracking an egg gives you so many options while immediately making your ramen taste richer. You can put cheese with the egg and go for a carbonara feel or instead scramble it up and add spice. The beauty of ditching the seasoning packet really allows you to experiment with different flavors to your liking. Whether you like a fried egg, go for an egg drop soup, or prefer a poached egg, this addition is a very simple way to enhance your ramen experience.

  2. 2. Peanut Butter

    Ramen in a pan with sauce, and eggs and vegetables on the counter.

    Trust me, it’s so good. These Thai inspired noodles will easily fill you up. Add around a tablespoon of peanut butter and chili paste and your choice of seasonings or lime juice. The sauce immediately coats the noodles and melts in your mouth. The little extra effort goes a long way!

  3. 3. Sesame Oil

    Garlic Dice

    Something about sesame oil just unearths immense flavor in ramen. Throw in veggies or meat to your liking and turn the noodles into a solid meal. Add garlic and spice to your liking and garnish with chives if available. These touches really just bring everything together and amp up your meal.

These are just some of the additions I’ve enjoyed in the past. Although ramen may not be the healthiest option, adding these ingredients definitely transform taste. Feel free to experiment!