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Meeting People in College

College is a great opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and really broaden your scope of life. Moving to college is a big adjustment and finding new friends can seem daunting. 

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It’s important to remember, most people are in the same situation as you and are just as eager to find their people. Here are some tips on finding your footing in college:

Don’t skip your classes! Other than the academic benefit, your classes give you the perfect opportunity to find a study buddy or study group to do work with. Reaching out to someone you’re next to can be scary, but you can easily start by making small talk or asking a question. This can open the door for communication throughout the class and it’s always nice to have someone you can double-check with about if an assignment is due or not. In addition, your classes may often have people of the same major as you that you will continue to see throughout the rest of your courses.  [bf_image id="qqhxs9gk7xk4spfbc45npctg"] Join clubs that match your interests. This is the perfect way to find a group of people that you already know you can relate to at least over one thing. Going to campus events is always a great way to meet fun people. Smile and be friendly and open rather than just on your phone. This makes you seem more approachable such as in the dining hall, gym, or just around campus. I also highly recommend asking someone in your hall or class to grab food. Most people are also just looking for someone to hang out with. Having a good relationship with your roommate is also nice to always have someone to grab a bite with or just have a friendly face to come home to. 

[bf_image id="tzvprpc99chz7kbsqh738kx"] Having an open mindset leaves endless possibilities. Explore places you think would match what you like but don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Make sure you are the kind of friend you would want to have. It’s okay to not mesh with everyone, you should know yourself and trust yourself.

Dana Morshed

UC Riverside '23

Dana is a second-year Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology major. In her free time, she enjoys going to the beach and volunteering.
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