Duchess Meghan’s Interview Will Break Your Heart

Since the wedding, it hasn’t been hard to realize that the British media is constantly after Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, now that she is a royal. With her letter to her father being leaked and constantly being demonized for every little thing she does, there is obviously going to be an effect on her.

Harry, who saw the British media do the same thing to his mother, has even put in a lawsuit against the British tabloid.

People are constantly reading and writing things about Meghan and Harry, mostly highlighting negative aspects of their lives. They’ve always judged Meghan for every little move she makes even if it’s on her way to do something good for other people.

But as the months go by, it’s hard to deny that there has been a bigger negative push towards her. Having been a recent mom and going through pregnancy, Meghan admitted in this interview that all the negativity has made her already vulnerable state has made being okay a struggle.

(Photo courtesy of The Royal Family’s Instagram)


The interviewer talked about how he knows Harry is doing what he can to protect her but went ahead and also asked Meghan for the state of her physical and mental health. The part that really broke people’s hearts was that she said that not a lot of people have asked her if she was okay, and she thanked him. She seemed as she was trying really hard not to cry during the interview as she talked about how hard everything has been. 

(Photo courtesy of Omid Scobie’s Twitter)


There is sadly no doubt that the British media is still going to take this interview to try to take her down even more until a breaking point. It’s what they have been doing from the start. And you can’t say it’s just their tabloids either. There are thousands of people who go to the Sussex’s Instagram where they most negative things about Meghan and want her gone from the royal family.