DIY with Dariana: Wear Your Heart on Your Leggings

Hey guys! In the poll that was on the site a few weeks ago some of you said that you wanted to see more DIY type articles on the site, so I’m here to be your new source for all things crafty. As a newly broke college student like all you lovely people, I know it’s hard not to be able to buy that new outfit or that cute new accessory for your dorm room. My goal is to help you guys make the most with the least amount of spending involved. Here’s to the start of a beautiful new journey!

This week’s DIY: Wear your heart on your…leggings?

Everyone’s heard of the old saying “Wear your heart on your sleeve” right? Well this fashion DIY puts a new twist on that old saying. I’ve seen other projects that teach you how to put heart patches on elbows but I wanted to try something different. The cold of winter is quickly approaching, so why not spice up last year’s dreary leggings with heart patches on the knees?