Coloring Stress Away

I was first introduced to adult coloring books when my friend was moving away and left me with two almost new books. I felt quite indifferent to its purpose until I actually started turning to use the coloring books when I needed a break. Coloring is often something many leave behind with age but coloring books can provide a much-needed cathartic effect.

Pexels For me, using coloring books allows me to have a chance to turn my brain off. It is a low-maintenance creative outlet that allows for stress relief. It can be something to turn to when I want a mindless activity but also give me the opportunity to do a task of which I have complete control over from execution to the outcome. The time coloring can also often feel nostalgic to younger and simpler times. 

These characteristics of coloring are the reason why this is one of the forms of expression I turn to when I am very stressed or not in a good mood. Coloring provides me with a sense of calm and allows me to relax. Many studies have been conducted involving coloring and stress and often find they can reduce anxiety and work to refocus attention

Woman laying in a field of flowers Photo by Guillaume Bolduc from Unsplash There is a wide range of coloring book options available designed for adults. For example, you can find anything ranging from intricate abstract designs to coloring pages with curse words. Plus, you can color with whatever medium you like. Whatever floats your boat! Coloring books can be purchased as a book, but you can also find pages that you like that are available to print online if you want to try it out.