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Why We Should Shop Small This Holiday Season

I recently started my own online shop, which opened me up to an entire world of small online shops. Since quarantine began, tons of people have gained new hobbies and learned to make a profit from those hobbies. Because of this, there has been a surge in the amount of small businesses that exist online -- mainly on Instagram.

Shopping from large online retailers can often be cheaper and faster, but it’s not always the most sustainable for the planet or working people. If we were to buy from a small shop online instead, there would be a real person who receives a little notification for it, and would internally perform a mini happy dance. 

Not only does purchasing from small shops improve someone else's day, but the revenue from their shop may be their only source of income. So by shopping small we are supporting a hard working and devoted human. 

When shopping small, people are guaranteed that only one person or a handful of people are working on your order. This ensures a personal touch that would be hard to get from a larger retailer. 

The best part about supporting the hard workers behind small shops whenever you can is that it is super easy. You don’t even have to spend money to do so. Simply following their instagram or liking a post of theirs can help bring recognition to their blooming brand. You can also repost their content on our own Instagram stories to help show off their products. Just commenting nice things under their posts is also helpful because it makes shops visible to more people and improves the image of their account.

If you're interested in checking out some small shops for your holiday shopping I would suggest checking out the accounts down below! These instagram accounts work hard to showcase many different types of small businesses that exist online. 





Sara Gastelum

UC Irvine '24

Sara is a freshman at UCI studying psychology. In her free time she loves making vegan food, going to the beach, and thrift shopping.
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