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Uncommon Tips for Time Management In College

In the eternal words of April Ludgate, “time is money, money is power, power is pizza and pizza is knowledge.” 

In college, all these things enter our lives. Particularly pizza and time. In order to help other college students get their dough during one of the most hectic times in their life, I’m sharing my tips for time management.

Apps, apps, apps...and no, I’m not talking about appetizers. All throughout high school (and in college for that matter), we were told to get off our phones in school, yet apps are unsurprisingly everything in order to thrive in the modern day college experience.

Multiple apps on your smartphone can help you with getting things done on a deadline. For me, I love to utilize Google’s array of apps. With Google Drive and Google Docs apps, I can start essays while waiting for the bus or if I need to make any changes at the last minute, I always have access to my school and extracurricular-related work no matter where I am. Working on things in bits and pieces is the workflow that I gravitate to and apps lend themselves to this process very well.

My second tip jumps over to the practical. Besides Google Apps, there are a range of small things we can do to maximize time. I’m not above watching a YouTube video of a homework concept while making dinner or listening to a helpful podcast during a jog. Using technology and the resources available makes a huge difference is what you can get done. I’ll even sneak in hashtags related to my major on social media to help myself get the most out of every device.

Lastly, it seems so obvious yet it can be very difficult to do in the whirlwind of multiple commitments: prioritizing. The busiest among us are not automatically better. Our culture often praise hustlers and go-getters with a full agenda. But before saying “yes” to every opportunity that comes your way to fit into that hustler mindset, look at your true passions and commit to what you can put 100% in. A lot of my tips highlight multi-tasking- which has its own satisfaction- but focusing your energies into one thing at a time can reap bigger rewards in your professional and academic careers as a student. 

Along with prioritizing, making time for relaxing activities counter-intuitively can also help you avoid procrastinating. If you don’t give yourself stress-free activities to look forward to, your brain and body will naturally look for it by opening up Twitter in class. Be intentional with your down time and pay attention to your energy levels. If you feel like you’re burning the candle at both ends, taking some chill time might just be exactly what you need.


Ingrid Allen is a Film and Media Studies major with a minor in Business Innovation. In her free time, she loves to travel, play tennis and drink coffee.
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