Twins Edition - Konstantinos and Athanasios

Names from Left to Right: Konstantinos and Athanasios 
Majors: Both are Mechanical Engineering 
Age (Who’s Older?):
Konstantinos: We are twenty-one years old. 

Athanasios: I am older by a few minutes, which obviously makes me the more mature and intelligent one. 

K: 4th year
A: 4th year
Tell me about your background:  
A: We were born in Athens, Greece and both of our parents are Greek. We moved to Los Angeles, California where we were raised from a very young age. We visit Greece during summers where we reconnect with our family and friends. Leaving Greece is always difficult; however, as a dual citizen, we would not be able to choose one country or the other. I could not be happier with the fact that one foot lies in Greece and the other in the United States of America. 
What’s the best thing about having a twin? 
A: Definitely the twin telepathy. Oh wait, sorry it’s not real. Or at least I haven’t gotten it to work...yet. Off the top of my head, the best thing about being a twin is that we share the same interests and passions; we both know that there is always someone who understands us no matter what. 
K:  You permanently have someone to laugh and fight with, someone to always support and criticize you. It truthfully is a love/hate relationship. The most powerful thing is that you share the same hopes and dreams. After all, two is better than one. 
Campus Involvement: 
A: Engineering Student Council, Engineers Mentoring the Future, American Institute of Aeronatics & Astronautics—Human Powered Aircraft, UC Irvine- Racecar Engineering, Student Center Board of Advisors, ASUCI Office of the Executive Vice- President—publicity, and our own campus organization my brother and I founded—Hellenic Ambassadors Abroad. 
Tell me more about Hellenic Ambassadors Abroad: 
K: I am the founder and chairman of this Greek culture club that was established to promote the Hellenistic culture through the immersion of traditional food, dance, cinema, current events, history, and linguistics at UC Irvine. We seek to bring together students of Hellenic heritage as well as those interested in learning about Hellenic culture. 
What’s the best thing about UC Irvine? 
K: The sumptuous amount of vegetation is the best thing about UC Irvine, more notably is its simplicity in construction. Who would have thought that building a university around a circle is genius?  
A: Definitely the campus. I enjoy the fact that we have a beautiful park and that the university is conveniently situated around it; it’s easy to get around.
What are your career aspirations?  
K: I do not like to set up bulwarks for any one certain career path; I like to keep my possibilities supple. Because of this I am open to anything pertaining to aesthetic and design in engineering (of course we all have preferences). 
A: I aspire to be so many things in life, such that I can never point to one profession and say “Only this will satisfy me.” I dream of a future where I am involved in politics, marketing, aviation, automobiles, industrial design, and engineering."  
Let’s break away from the serious questions now:
Who is your Celebrity Crush? 
K: Irina Shayk  
A:  Celebrity crushes come and go for me. At the moment, I do not have one.  
TV shows you’re currently watching: 
K: Nothing currently but eagerly waiting for the next season of Orange is the New Black. 
A: Breaking Bad, Modern Family, Parks & Recreation, Supernatural. 
Unknown fact about you:
K: I have an obsession with flight, more specifically commercial aviation.  
A: I have an intense passion for civil aviation and the Mercedes-Benz brand. 
What’s your favorite food? 
K: I love food too much to have a favorite. All in all, growing up on the Mediterranean diet, Greek food in general is my favorite.  
A: The top on my list is my very own culture’s Greek cuisine. Our diet not only tastes delicious but it’s the healthiest as well. 
If you had a super-power what would it be?  
K: Time travel so that I can go back to Ancient Greece and saturate myself in all of its magnificence and splendor.  
A: I would want the power to heal.