Love Is: A Valentine’s Day Contemplation

Love is patient.

It’s letting someone cry on your shoulder, even when you’re wearing your favorite shirt. 

It’s waiting, without complaint, an hour more for someone in a university parking lot because there was a mix-up with the testing times.


Love is kind.

It’s washing your tear-stained face after a rough day, even though all you want to do is stay in bed.

It’s giving someone the time and space to rant about their feelings despite a looming 11:59 PM deadline that night. (You refuse to tell them because you know they need you.)


Love is soft.

It’s gazing into a person’s eyes after exchanging a round of compliments, hoping they look close enough to see your adoration for them shining through.

It’s gentle, comforting touches, allowing someone to silently fall apart after their loved one has passed.


Love is trying.

It’s making the time to video call someone after a busy week, even though you haven’t slept in 27 hours. (You know they’ve been waiting for you, and you miss them.)

It’s sending someone a quick message before a busy day to let them know that you will be unreachable for most of the day, but you hope they have a good morning.


Love is seeing.

It’s taking candid pictures of someone on a night out because you know they’ll want to post something on Instagram later.

It’s excitedly telling someone that they look good in that shirt after noticing their face fall when they look in the mirror. 


Love is believing.

It’s confidently telling yourself that you deserve this opportunity after getting a job you worked very hard for.

It’s shooting someone a quick smile while they’re presenting in front of a crowd of people. (You know they’re nervous, but it’s a reminder that they’re doing wonderful.)


Love is feeling.

It’s those butterflies in your stomach after sharing a laugh with someone you realize you really, really like. 

It’s trusting someone to lead you through a maze safely because the warmth of their hand is enough to convince you that you’ll be okay.


Love is heat.

It’s passionately pursuing something that you know will be good for you, instead of indulging in something that never fails to bring you pain.

It’s the subtle, longing stare you exchange with someone across the room, a promise that you’ll talk again once business is over.


Love is warmth.

It’s resting your head in the crook of someone’s neck as you dance barefoot in the kitchen together, the aroma of cookies baking in the oven further calming your heart.

It’s pressing your forehead gently against theirs, eyes fluttering shut as a wave of peace softens your heart. (Much like they do.)


But, most importantly.

Love is.