I Got the Covid-19 Vaccine

In November of 2020, after months and months of escaping the virus, I tested positive for COVID-19. Not only had I tested positive for the virus, but so had my parents. So, when I opened my email one month later to see I was given the opportunity to receive the vaccine, I jumped at the chance.

While I rode on a high of excitement, I also had a couple of friends who met my excitement with doubt. Doubt of its effectiveness and concern for side effects grew. I soon realized this doubt was felt amongst many. 

Let’s look at the facts

  • The vaccine will not give you COVID-19. 

  • You will not test positive on a viral COVID-19 test after receiving the vaccine. 

  • Re-infection is possible if you have already contracted the virus. 

  • You need two shots, one month (28 days) apart. 

  • The vaccine is effective in protecting you from the virus. 

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), makes clear the vaccine is highly effective at not only preventing COVID-19 for the person vaccinated but also protects those around you. This is an important thing to make note of as we reach mid-February, which has brought the United States positive case total to 27.4 million and death total to over 437 thousand

If we wish to reach any sense of normalcy again, the vaccine is critical in saving lives and preventing increases in positive cases. Perhaps we can eventually reach a point where all communities have access to vaccines and are willing to protect everyone, not only themselves.