HOT GIRL SUMMER MADE: Me and Megan Thee Stallion at BeautyCon LA

This past month, I got to go to Beautycon LA for the first time! Before, my friends and I had talked about going in May or June but when plans fell through, we were definitely bummed. But, at the last minute, my friend told me she won a free ticket and shared a fifty-percent off code with me. It’s great to go to cool events in town, but it’s even greater when it’s discounted, so thank you Beautycon LA!

I ended up only purchasing the ticket for Sunday because on Saturday I already had plans to check out Unique Market, an open air market in Santa Monica. With my friend’s coupon code, my wallet didn’t cry too hard from this event-filled weekend. It was a fun and beauty-filled and I am now three free tote bags richer! Grocery stores, look out!

At Beautycon, my friends and I were honestly sample demons, trying to get as much free stuff as possible because quite frankly, businesses knew the deal and were there to promote tons of products to beauty lovers. I did discover some cool new brands such as the Korean brands Oh K! and Naisture. I think k-beauty has a good focus on skincare which is an interest of mine so I’m looking forward to trying their samples. I may be keeping an eye on Naisture in particular as they gave a generous amount of face masks in exchange for a cute photo-op. 


Besides the free samples, my friend and I ran into a semi-famous face on the con floor: Laganja Estranja, a weed-centric drag queen of RuPaul fame *cue death drop.* Of course, his fun, bright green plastic-y Reptar-looking (Rugrats reference, anyone?) made him hard to miss in the crowds. He was super nice and chatted with us a bit before more people queued up for a photo.

But of course, plenty of (reeeaaally) famous faces were in the building that weekend, from Jhene Aiko singing impromptu while doing Hawaii’s finest aka Bretman Rock’s makeup and you may have heard about Priyanka Chopra getting unexpectedly criticized during a Q&A, but one of the highlights for me was definitely seeing Megan thee Stallion, a name you may or may not know depending on your #hotgirlsummer. Megan is an up-and-coming rapper from Houston who is best known as of right now August 2019 for coining the phrase #hotgirl or #hotgirlsummer. I love “female” rappers (female is in quotes because female rappers shouldn’t need that gender adjective and they are rappers, no qualifier needed but there it is so cause ya know). I even got the opportunity to cover Yung Baby Tate this spring in Santa Ana for Her Campus. I’ve been a fan of Megan since about winter time when I first heard songs from her EP Tina Snow. Her twang-heavy raps are some of my current favorites and her confident attitude towards life has kept me listening.

I had been wondering all day when Megan was appearing on the main stage because I couldn’t get my hands on a map or a schedule because it being the second day, the convention team had run out. But, as my friend and I were waiting in a long line to enter Maybelline’s very cute New York MTA inspired pop-up, Megan worked her way down a red carpet/press line as convention guests rushed in with their smartphones out. Answering a question about staying confident in an amazing all-red pantsuit and lush blue wig, Megan was totally gorgeous in person (if twelve feet away counts as in person) as she was in pictures. And she’s really tall! 

After taking those obligatory photos, she disappeared behind a black curtain to the backstage area and twenty minutes later she emerged onto the mainstage to be interviewed by Kehlani as “Hot Girl Summer” played. At that point, I was still in the super-slow Maybelline line but I caught a lengthy portion of their interview, which centered around confidence for women and, of course, what hot girl summer means. My first time at BCLA was a blast and I’m even happier that I got to share it with Megan thee Stallion! Check out @megantheestallion and @beautycon’s Instagram for more videos on her visit to the con!