The Best Throwbacks Lady Gaga Made in her 4-In-1 Met Gala Outfit

2019’s Met Gala came and went on Monday but that doesn’t mean we’re done talking about the celebrities that brought their best and worst fashion game to the theme, inspired by Susan Sontag’s “Camp: Notes on Fashion.”

Hosting the event along with Harry Styles, Serena Williams and designer Alessandro Michele, Lady Gaga got everyone talking on Twitter or IRL with not only one but four outfits, all revealed live on the red carpet. Although Gaga already has made her place in fashion history, this just solidified her status as iconic.

Gaga’s outfits were fabulously camp, which refers to extravagant fashion pioneered by the LGBT community—particularly drag queens. Beloved by the LGBT community and a proponent of gay rights herself, Gaga understood that a large part of the theme of camp is playing with outlandishness and artifice. Gaga has done this throughout her whole career and in her four-in-one outfit reveal, she referenced back to some of these times.

Here are some throwbacks to her own wonderfully campy fashion moments that Gaga incorporated into her Met Gala looks:

Arriving in a giant fuschia gown complete with a matching bow, Gaga and co. undid the dress to unveil a black number underneath. With her pink bow gone, it became clear that Gaga’s hair included little hair bows, a clear reference to her famous 2008 hair bow. It’s been more than a decade since Gaga first wore her iconic bow. 

Following her black dress, Gaga undressed to a fitted satin-y number, alternating the colors back to the pink family. She extended the performative aspect of her arrival with a giant 90’s-style telephone. Gaga fans will recognize this as a relatively obvious throwback to Gaga’s song “Telephone.”

Finally, Gaga stripped down to sparkly, bejeweled black bra and matching bottoms. This look called to mind the time Gaga wore a similar outfit to a Grammys after-party. But Gaga has often been a fan of less in terms of clothing--unafraid to rock minimal clothing on other occasions, from her concerts to club-going. In a testament to her boldness, Gaga consistently pulls off dark underwear as chic and sultry. Tell that to anyone who thinks leggings can’t be pants!

Being a triple threat, Gaga has just recently won the Academy Award for Best Song but her acting chops in A Star Is Born were also one of the highlights. Making a total show out of this arrival through costume change and playing up the bit with pantomimes and props underlined Gaga’s acting interest. Her show-stopping outfits were actively in line with the camp theme and reinforced that she was the perfect choice to lead this year’s Gala.