2019 Anteater Resolutions

As school starts up again with the new year, many students across campus are evaluating new habits and goals that they want to accomplish. The variety of student interests and personalities on UC Irvine’s campus mean a diversity of goals and attempts to improve ourselves and our relationships. Here are a couple of Anteaters’ honest reflections on what they want to change in 2019. As the new year progresses, checking in with other students’ resolutions can be the much needed inspiration for our own goals.

Naturally, many students strive to improve their academic performance in the new year and new quarter. Many try new study habits and techniques to improve their memory and McKenna, a 4th Year Business Economics major is no different.

McKenna shared, “I’m constantly typing [on] the computer and professors tell me that you retain it better by notetaking, so this quarter, I’m really challenging myself to handwrite my notes.” So far, she’s kept up her desire to handwrite everything in all her lectures. And as a graduating senior, she’ll only have to keep off screens for a couple more quarters.

Image McKenna Reeves

Outside of academics, UCI students also share struggles with appreciating themselves more in the midst of busy and stressful school lives. Some resolutions focus more on things less of a practical or academic nature and gear towards emotional well-being, something that can be easily overlooked in a busy schedule. High-achieving students understand the importance of prioritizing self-care in college. Business Administration senior, Puja said her 2019 resolution was focusing on “[learning] to love myself more and to trust others more. I’ve been maintaining them alright. I find myself finding something wrong with myself almost everyday and never am pleased with where I am in life, and I want to stop that and just be proud of myself.”

One of her practical steps towards this goal includes “writing anything negative I think about myself down on a piece of paper and then scratching it out and writing something I love about myself down. It's super helpful, way more helpful than I thought it would be. I got this idea from my brother.”

Meanwhile, Tommy, a Film and Media Studies senior has a traditional resolution of focusing on a healthier lifestyle. Two weeks before the New Year, Tommy’s dad took him on three-mile walk around a lake back home.

Tommy said, “He took it as spending time with me when really, he was urging me, supporting me and helping me along my way to better healthy lifestyle.” Unlike many who hit the gym in the first few days of the new year and abandon it, Tommy seems like he’s determined and has maintained twenty-five days straight of working out.

Image Tommy Wong

He commented on his successful streak, saying, “And I don’t want it to be a fluke. I truly want to see a change in myself, a change in my confidence and an overall change in my life.”

Some resolutions are more simple, providing the right momentum to meet more complicated ones. Stacey, a senior double majoring in Film and Media Studies and Public Health Policy, aims to “put on more lotion,” using a post-it note on her mirror to remind her. Her reasoning includes simply moisturizing more to prevent being ashy.

On the other end of the spectrum, Matthew, a sophomore majoring in Business Administration wants to focus on maintaining meaningful relationships out of the huge amount of connections you make in college.

“Coming from Greek life, I’ve made hundred and hundred of new relationships with people that I love. However, I’m at a point in my life where I want to surround myself with a strong circle of friends.” Matthew mentioned focusing his energy on the people particularly special to him. Being sophomore means realizing college is moving quickly and strengthening the existing friendships made in freshman year. He clarified, “I’m not speaking poorly on Greek life at all, I love it. But I’m at a point where I want to enjoy not just the big things but the small things with close friends.”

Overall, UCI students are tackling a wide variety of relatable goals ranging from--inner emotional work to academic habits--with determination, tenacity and smart tactics, like Post-It’s!