Where Our Heads Are At in Senior Year of Berkeley


Senior year is daunting, to say the least. Though it is only the third week of school, a lot of individuals have been discussing futures and submitting job applications. What’s new about that though? A lot of the class of 2018 has already been talking about occupations for the last ten years of their lives and many have already known for years the direction they are heading towards.


The difference lies in the fact that actions need to be taken and grand decisions need to be made. For the last 21 or 22 years of our lives, it has been comforting enough to know what we want to do “in the future”, but the future that we once felt was unforeseeably distant is within sight.


Though nerves are running high, it is essential that we remember to enjoy senior year. Remember that regardless of whether or not you get the “dream job”, there’s still plenty of room for growth after college. The very first job you end up with will likely not be your last. Although not getting your ideal position may feel like a reflection of your value, keep in mind that there are a lot of individuals out there who have just had more experience in the industry due to number in years.

Consider applying to jobs that you feel like are “out of your league”. Consider going places you’ve never been for a few years. For a lot of us, the route to getting to Cal has been straightforward, a lot of hard work and perhaps, not enough living. We’ve played it safe for long enough. Now is the time to take all the risks.


Do not fall into the system of comparison. Be proud of yourself at every opportunity you receive and give yourself credit where you deserve it. While other people will be bound to have an amazing application cycle or unbelievable offers, stay focused on your own goals. What they pursue or the where another person goes in life will differ than your path so jealousy is a useless emotion in these scenarios. Instead, celebrate their successes and others will celebrate yours when the time comes as well.


Best of luck with all your pursuits this upcoming year.