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What Creativity Means to Me

Creativity allows me to delve deeper into myself. It’s a form of self-love and self-reflection; a way to mirror myself through art. It doesn't matter what form that art takes — a canvas, an audio recording, a piece of paper, an idea, a conversation. To me, that’s what's so beautiful about creativity — the possibilities are endless. 

The way I express my creativity is through writing. My love for writing began in my seventh grade English class. We had to write about the book The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, and it sparked a flame inside of me. I wanted nothing more than to find the words to describe the profound experience of reading this book. As a 12-year-old in middle school, I felt more comfortable writing about concepts like identity and economic difficulties than talking about them out loud in class. A paper and a pen became my safe space, my voice.

[bf_image id="q80kqt-6nyzuw-4pes6o"]Since middle school, I have used the written word to develop my voice. My writing skills have been essential in every class I’ve taken, but the benefits have extended beyond the classroom. For me, writing is more than just a skill needed for my academic life. Writing is the canvas through which I am able to freely express my creativity, thoughts, and ideas. I am incredibly grateful and appreciative that I have found a way to connect my creativity to my academic endeavors. I, like many other English majors, anticipate using my love for writing for the rest of my life.

Hello everyone! My name is Aemen (pronouns: she/her), and I am currently a 3rd year Junior Transfer student at UC Berkeley! My major is English with a minor in Public Policy. In my free time, I enjoy writing, listening to music, and hanging out with my friends. I also love listening to Investigative Journalism podcasts, my favorite is Serial!
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