5 Reasons Why I Love Finals

It may be hard to believe but aside from first week, finals season has grown to become one of my favourite times of the school year. This might not be the case for everyone, I know, but hear out my reasoning below! 


1. No classes to attend (i.e. you don't have to leave your house/room/suite).

This is music to the ears of commuters. Staying in pyjamas the whole day? Sign me up! 


2. Downtime! 

If your exams are spaced out well, treating yourself to a dinner with friends, a movie night, or even a good nap are all great ways to stay sane in between all that studying. 


3. There's more time to focus on specific course material. 

After 3 months of being absolutely swamped with all those readings, midterms, group projects, and essays, you can finally hone in on all the concepts you may have been unable to master during the term


4. The lack of people on campus.

This might not be applicable to the libraries (good luck finding a spot), but you can actually breathe on the bus to campus! That monstrosity of a line at Tim Horton's is also notably shorter because people are probably hidden away in their study caves off-campus. 


5. You can go home after your last exam!

Handing in that last exam booklet of the term is probably one of the most satisfying feelings ever. First stop? BED


Do you hate or love finals? Let us know!

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