Super Fruits: Tastes good and it's good for ya

The snow has finally disappeared making room for the beautiful spring harvest. Spring represents the season of growth. It is the season of renewal as Mother Earth reawakens from her crisp hibernation (also known as winter). Springs opens up new ideas and the arrival of new projects and the idea of renewal of health. The spring harvest is often one of the best because it offers a wide and colorful variety of foods that are beneficial to the body. Whether you’re looking for caffeine alternatives or great sources of energy, these foods can be found fresh and can provide a cheery “pick me up”. Many of the spring foods are leafy greens but greens are good for you. They provide energy, calcium, lower cholesterol, and can help you see well. After all, it is important for students on the go to be able to care of the body to support the mind. Check the list below:

Artichokes- Vitamin C folate, and potassium. Bonus- antioxidant silymarin, which helps protect from heart disease and helps your liver do its job

Asparagus- Provide fiber, Iron, and antioxidants

Blueberries- Vitamin C. Fight UTIs. Reduce Cancer risk

Cherries- highest concentration of the anthocyanins that help block enzymes associated with inflammation

Grapefruit- Tart, yes! But only 100 calories. Provides source of Vitamin A and C

Kiwi- Vitamins C & K. Potassium. Prevent constipation & promote better sleep.

Lemon- energizing scent has been shown to combat fatigue, anxiety and nervousness, and can improve concentration and alertness

Strawberries- Vitamin C, Antioxidants. Fact burning agent

Spinach- Vitamin(s) A, C, & K and Calcium. Great for Skin and eyes

Tomatoes- Surprisingly good for the skin

This is just a short list of the blossoming crops of Spring and as the weather gets warmer and Summer comes along, there will be even more variety. Many local grocery stores will have these items. You could even check out your local farmer’s market to get fresher and even more organic fruits and veggies. Try trading some of the unhealthier snacks for nature’s candy because it can do you some good. The most important thing is to add some color to your diet and know what they do for you. Spring is here and enjoy the season of renewal.