5 Things Every New Model Should Know

Size Doesn’t Matter

We may be used to the cliché 6 foot even, 100 pound model gracing billboards or whatever runway but most up and coming models don’t even reach 5’9”; and let’s not forget to mention they have a little more meat on their bones. (So much for stereotypes)  Nothing's wrong with the cliché way of doings things but don’t let that intimidate you from achieving your dreams. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Eat!

Now I’m talking from experience.  I recently had a nude tribal body paint shoot and with that being said, that morning I did a vigorous workout (like it made a difference) and had little to eat.  When it was time for my makeup artist to paint me, an hour in I started feeling light-headed.  We had to stop so I could eat something before we continued with the shoot.  Moral of the story: don’t sacrifice food for anything! You’ll look beautiful anyway.

Not All Models Get Paid All The Time

Especially for someone just starting out and representing themselves rather than through an agency.  Most people start out doing it as a hobby or for exposure before their look becomes demanded and then they begin to get paid; you need to start somewhere.

Behind the Scenes Isn’t Always so Glamorous

You go get your nails done and 9 times out of 10 they won’t even be seen. You’re next in line to get your hair and make-up done (that’s going to take at least two hours to perfect) and then you have to rush to try on the designer's clothes. Meanwhile all you hear is the stylist shouting, "Oh please don’t mess up your hair and make-up, and for heavens sake don’t get any foundation on the silk Dolce & Gabbana blouse. Damn! You chipped your nail..It’s okay, no one will notice anyway.  You’re rushing to line up for the runway show and you roll on your ankle; now you’re walking with a pimp limp.  Finally you get yourself together for the whole 1-2 min you’re on the catwalk; now come back and do it again without killing yourself.

Grow a Thick Skin

I recently read a Marie Claire article that was on a similar ideas and concepts to this one. They mentioned that while developing as a model you will be brutally criticized and rarely applauded just to see how much heat you can handle.  People always want to catch someone doing something weird or “out-of-the-norm” to make the next viral meme of you.  Stay on your Ps and Qs and don’t let nay mean girls in the industry intimidate you.