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Thinking and Feeling – An Interview with Annabelle Moore



Name: Annabelle Moore

Program and Year of Study: First year in Life Sciences, hoping to pursue a specialist in Psychology!

College: Victoria College

Hometown: Hamilton and the GTA.
Relationship Status: In a relationship.
What do you do in your free time, in between classes, on the weekends?
Between class and studying, I work as a barista at Sam James Coffee Bar.
Where do you get your style inspiration from?
Rodarte, art culture and Ali Michael—I draw inspiration from fashion, aesthetic modernity and high-profile youth. These topics often get dismissed as trivial, but I find that their influence often extends beyond pop culture.
Do you think that social media has had a big impact on your life so far?
My Instagram account is taking over my life! I aim to capture my experiences, however banal, through sleek and minimalistic squares—through this, I am able to embellish the present and make everyday life a little more exciting. Also, it’s just fun.
What clubs or activities are you involved in around campus?
I am currently the Film and Music Associate Editor for The Strand, Victoria College’s newspaper.
Can you recommend any must-see destinations in or around Toronto?
Too many to name! Trinity Bellwoods Park is pretty magical to me, along with the AGO and the Power Plant.
Give us your 5 word story.
Always observant, thinking and feeling.
Check out Annabelle’s instagram here: https://instagram.com/annabellesix/
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