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Jibreel Powell ’16

This campus cutie is a southern boy with a city twist. He’s down to earth enough to love mac n’ cheese, yet sophisticated enough to be bilingual (c’est magnifique!). He finds nothing more attractive in a love interest than good old confidence. He is a swimmer and most importantly, a hopeless romantic. And he’s all Penn’s!

Name: Jibreel Jordan Powell
School: College
Year: 2016
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Major: Biological Basis of Behavior
Languages: English, French, learning American Sign Language
Extracurriculars: QSA, Check One
Relationship status: Taken

Hobbies: Swimming, Listening to/Trying to write Spoken Word,
Astrological Sign: Libra
Celebrity crush: Adam Levine
Favorite food: Mac n’ cheese
Favorite pick up line: Apparently Ryan Lochte does this thing where he just looks at someone, winks, and then walks away. It’s not really a line, but that’s my favorite.
Penn bucket list: Start/lead a club, have a barista in Starbucks learn my name/order, learn another language (I’m thinking Arabic), and travel abroad.
Perfect date: A nice dinner somewhere overlooking the ocean and ending the night on the beach at sunset.
Favorite quote: “I promised my loneliness, one day I will write myself a glass essay, and then, I will love like it can’t break.” -Alysia Harris
Spring Break idea: A house on the beach seems pretty fun
Song on repeat right now: “Thinking About You” by Frank Ocean
What do you find most appealing: Confidence and a sense of humor
What do you find least appealing: Rudeness
If you could go anywhere now, where would it be and why: I would take my boyfriend to Paris, because I went this summer, and I really want to take him. 

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