Profile: Heather Buisman

Name: Heather Buisman        
Age: 19
Program: Political Science and History
Hometown: Guelph, Ontario
Favourite food: Pad Thai
Dogs or Cats? Dogs
Early bird or Night owl? Early bird catches the worm!


Her Campus uOttawa: What was your dream job when you were a child?
Heather Buisman: Like a lot of little kids, I wanted to be a doctor!

HCuO: Why do you love Ottawa?
HB: It's an incredible place to be active in the political community; there are always interesting conferences, lectures, and networking events that allow students to learn about and experience political life in Canada. Even the opportunity to sit in on question period can provide great insight and entertainment.

HCuO: What clubs and activities are your facourite at the University of Ottawa that you've taken part in?
HB: This is a really hard question because there are so many awesome clubs and activities to do on campus! I have to say that the IPPSSA Model Parliament was definitely one of my favourites. This allows students to sit in the House of Commons, debate mock issues and experience life on the Hill. I also really enjoyed a survival camping trip I went on with the uOttawa Outdoors Club. We were able to sleep in a homemade shelter, navigate the area, and enjoy the great outdoors together.

HCuO: What would you describe as your biggest accomplishment this year?
HB: This year I was involved in planning the first ever Student’s Against Stigma Series, an opportunity to raise awareness for mental health issues, fundraise for service providers in the area, discuss how we can better mental health services on campus, and learn from the experiences of others who suffer from mental illness. Seeing the community come together over such an important issue was incredible.

HCuO: What hidden gem in the city/university do you think more students should know about?
Heather: The incredible trails that are everywhere in the city (over 600km). People tend not to realize that there are so many places to adventure by bike, snowshoes, or cross-country skis.

HCuO: If you could have dinner with any famous person, dead or alive, who would it be?
HB: John Oliver, hands down.  

HCuO: Where do you feel most at ease?
HB: In the company of friends or the people that I know care about me.

HCuO: If you were to interview yourself, what is one question you would ask? And tell us your answer!
HB: If money wasn't a factor, and you could do anything for a year, what would you do and why? I would definitely visit all the board game cafés around the world and then end it with a 4x4 ride across the coast of West Africa.

HCuO: Thank you so much for chatting with us, Heather!


All photos taken from Heather's social media.