5 Things You Need to Do To Avoid the Flu

The flu season is definitely upon us. With everyone around us coughing and sniffling, you have to take care of yourself and make sure you can avoid infection. Here are some preventative measures to follow to make sure you maintain your best health:

1. LAYER UPIf we have learned anything so far, it’s that Ottawa’s weather is very unpredictable. The weather report may not always be true to its claims either. Although being cold does not necessary mean you will get the flu, cold may influence and suppress your immune system. The flu thrives in this chilly dry weather and finds its way between people easily. The best way around this dilemma is to layer up! It’s much easier to shed some layers when you’re warm than to add more when you’re cold. It also allows you to get stylish with different scarves and cardigans.

2. WASH YOUR HANDSTry to wash your hands as much as possible. It is important to disinfect your hands when you have the chance, as we are always in contact with surfaces that are used by the public. Bacteria and viruses transfer easily on contact. We come in contact every day with door handles, bus seats and doors, desks, chairs and other public, virus infested surfaces (ughh).Hand sanitizer can be a good immediate method to clean your hands. It however might act to dry your hands quite fast and it's proven to be not as effective as washing your hands with water and soap.

3. DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACEViruses transfer easily through the nose, mouth, and eyes. It is therefore crucial to avoid touching your face unless you really need to. Make sure to wash your hands before you do (if you must).

4. GET VACCINATEDMake sure you have the most recent required vaccinations. You'll thank yourself later.

5. SLEEP, EAT, and EXERCISE WELLSleeping well, eating healthy, and exercising for at least 30 minutes a day are a must to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So drop those chips and that brownie! I’m sorry, but that’s not your breakfast. Try to plan a more balanced meal in advance. Sleep is important as well. It does get difficult to get the full 8 hours with the upcoming midterms; however, you need to maintain some balance. Exercise is vital as well.

What are your tips for staying healthy during flu season?



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