5 Relatives You Will Run Into Over the Holidays

Thanksgiving, reading week, Christmas… there is a long list of events that you will inevitability be obligated to go to during which you will run into some interesting characters in your family.  While everyone’s family is different, there are some types of relatives that we can all relate to spending several agonizing moments with at each event we attend. Don’t fret, sit back and sip your wine, and know that we are all in the same shoes!

1)   The Intrusive One

As soon as you see this relative coming, you know you’re in for an interrogation. Likely about your love life, or lack there of.  All they seem to want to talk about is that nice boy that you were seeing last Christmas, and how sure they are that you’ll find love soon. If you took a shot every time they asked an invasive question about your life, you would be on the floor before dinner is even served.

2)   The Strictly Religious One  

Regardless of if you practice a religion yourself, there will always be that one Aunt, Uncle, or Grandma, who will top them all. This is the person who you need to walk on eggshells around, and omit any detail of your life that may not fit into their personal beliefs.

3)   The Super Interesting One

Most likely has lived in a foreign country, or some sort of exotic location, and is probably single and loving it. This person comes to a family event every so often, chalk-full of exciting stories that make the rest of your lives look as boring as possible.

4)   The Quiet One

It is possible that this is a cousin or sibling whom you used to get along with well as a child, but now you just stare blankly at each other, desperately trying to make conversation.  As hard as you try, it seems impossible to start anything that resembles a conversation at all, and so you end up striking a conversation with just about anyone else you can find.

5)   The Inappropriate One

Maybe drunk, maybe not. Either way, this person is the one who will throw out those awkward sex jokes, and is seemingly unaware of the discomfort that they are causing you, and everyone around. They also don’t appear to have a filter, and bring up every family scandal that was previously forgotten, or pushed under the rug.  


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