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5 Gifts to Get Your Boyfriend This Christmas

For us girlfriends out there, December arrives with the enormous stress of how to ever find our man the perfect gift. We don’t know enough about their car to purchase the perfect part, we bake for them on a regular basis, and buying their favourite bottle of whiskey just doesn’t see thoughtful enough…what’s a girl to do? Men truly are the hardest creature to buy for, because even when they say they’re happy with whatever we manage to find, that can’t be true… To help reduce your gift hunting stress this holiday season, we here’s the perfect guide for every girlfriend looking to buy for their man; ideas that are both cost effective and creatively romantic!

1) Hand crafted Love Coupons: hand-making coupons for your loved one is fun and super and easy to do! Using silver paint and crayons you can make “coupons” that work similar to scratch cards, with each one holding a different value. Romantic massage, home made cookies, and a free kiss are among some of the ideas to include on each coupon! Decorate your coupon booklet with lots of hearts, bows, and colours, and you’ll be sure to win over your man!

2) Home made dinner for two: going out for dinner around the holidays is always a super cute date idea, with the added romance of Christmas lights and holiday candles. Making dinner creates the added effort of showing that you care enough to make dinner yourself! You can tailor your meal so it includes all of his absolute favourites. Plus, restaurants are always so crowded during the holiday season – a candle lit dinner at your place has a much more intimate factor to it. Cap off the night with a romantic walk with hot chocolate and check out the local Christmas lights displays!

3) An experience of a lifetime: sometimes an experience can be more valuable than any gift you could buy in a store! Living in Ottawa, we have the advantage of being at the centre of Canadian arts and culture events, such as the Nutcracker hosted by the NAC. Tickets are cheap and it creates a memorable experience for both of you! Other ideas include last minute tickets to see the Ottawa Sens on home ice, buying tickets to a local concert, or venturing to close by Montreal or New York!

4) 12 days to a Romantic Christmas: everyone remembers the twelve days of Christmas carol we used to sing when we were younger…why not turn this into a creative gift idea? Rather than buying one large gift, buy twelve smaller, thoughtful gifts, and give each of them over the twelve days preceding Christmas day. With each one, attach a love note starting off with “On the ____ day of Christmas my true love gave to me…”, and detail all the things you love about your man and how your gift ties in. For items to buy think a pair of boxers, men’s hygiene kit, or a new book!

5) Couples Scrapbook: a classic but incredibly thoughtful idea, creating a scrapbook with pictures, ticket stubs, or other pieces detailing your relationship together. Compile them in a scrapbook together to create an unforgettable Christmas gift he’s sure to appreciate! Make sure to pick out an album that has room to add more pages later on, so as to continue on the book as you continue to make more memories!

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