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The End of the Semester as Told by Chandler Bing

April means that the semester is almost over:

At first, you can’t wait to get through finals and finally do nothing for 4 months:

And it’s so nice out that really all you want to do is go to Charley’s and sit outside in the warmth:

And then you can’t decide if you want to go chill in the Arb, walk around Main Street, or go get ice cream:

But then you realize you actually have to study for finals:

So you start to convince yourself of all the reasons you don’t need to do well on your finals:

You are literally willing to do ANYTHING that doesn’t involve homework or studying:

And then you wind up pulling a bunch of all-nighters because you’ve procrastinated so much:

So you start making little goals for yourself each day:

And then it hits you:

If the semester is over, you need to say goodbye to your friends for a while:

And then you start to get mad at the people leaving before you because:

1)   that means they’re done with finals first:

and 2) they’re leaving you:

Plus if you’re done another year, that means you’re 1 year older:

And now you start questioning your major:

Finding yourself taking online career quizzes:

And start to think of all the random speakers/plays/concerts you never went to this year:

And you promise yourself that next year you’ll change for the better:

But then you realize you need to start packing:

So naturally you come up with every excuse not to start:

Because once you’re packed, those goodbyes are just around the corner:

And you can’t imagine not living across the hall from your BFFs for a whole summer:

So you all start reminiscing on all the great times you had together:

And then you get to enjoy those few days post-finals and pre-leaving:

Going to Skeeps, Charley’s, Ricks, Hopcat, Isalita…. But obviously “staying in the blue”:

And hitting up every restaurant in Ann Arbor:

But you know that before you know it, you’ll be back in the best place on earth:

So maybe it’s okay to sit back and relax homework-free for a little while:

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