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Dami Ikwe ’14

At the University of Michigan, we’re known to work hard, play hard. It’s still early in the semester and everyone’s trying to squeeze that last bit of party animal out. It’s also the time to stop stalking your hot guy friend on Facebook and command his attention. We turn to our Campus Cutie for a few tips on doing just that.

Major: Psychology
Relationship Status: Single
Interests: Dance, Music, Soccer

How do you classify a girl who parties too hard?

I would classify a girl that parties too hard as someone who needs to be taken care of whenever they go out. It will definitely be the woman who is going 90 mph while everyone else at the party is cruising at a nice 65.

What are your major turn-offs and turn-ons when partying?

Someone who is overly aggressive, whether it is the way they are dancing or talking to you. A girl who also drinks to much and doesn’t know her limit is another major turnoff. Some turn-ons are ladies that are subtle in how they approach you, but are confident in what they want. Someone who can definitely hold a great conversation and someone who can grab my attention in a commanding way, either by a look or the way they say hello.

What do you find to be the most attractive party outfit?

She has to be wearing something that fits her body type perfectly. Something that displays her best features while still being classy. A really nice dress that isn’t doing too much as far as flash, and some great heels is never a bad look, but as long as you feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing,you will look great. But do not come to a party setting too simple and expect to be approached by a guy. Our eyes are the first thing to notice you so we will always keep that image in our mind.

Is it too forward for a girl to ask a guy to dance?

I am all for girls asking guys to dance. I don’t believe that the average guy is going to say no a majority of the time. Also girls don’t know how hard and nerve wrecking it is trying to go up to a girl and ask her to dance. Some guys have it and some just don’t. So if a girl sees what she wants I am all for her asking the guy to dance, like I said be aggressive but in the right way. Don’t just start dancing with me but ask me hey do you want to dance.

Being a part of Dance 2XS, it’s clear you have the moves. Does a girl have to break out in a “tutting” session to get your attention at a party?

Hahaha, no a girl does not have to break out some b-boy moves to get my attention, but if she did I would definitely notice. But seriously though, if a girl ever wanted my attention at a party she would only have to do one of two things: come up to me with confidence, and just introduce herself.  I’m a very open guy so she would have my attention then and there, or she can simply give me a look with her eyes. I feel as though everyone knows the look I’m talking about so that’s all I will say. Just give me that look and I will immediately inquire about you or find you out in the party.


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