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Call Me Beep Me, If You Wanna Reach Me

Going to college can feel like stepping into a whole new life with taking harder classes, navigating a huge campus, and making friends, but what about the life you had before college? Just because you’ve taken a new step in your life doesn’t mean you have the leave everything and everyone else behind! In fact, it’s important to maintain the relationships you’ve built up in the past if you want to make sure they remain meaningful in the present and future. Here are four ways to do it:

1. Talk on the way to class

College life is busy, so a great way to stay in touch is through a quick call while walking to class. This is a great way to make an experience that would otherwise be boringly routine into something to look forward to, and you have a specific, limited period of time to chat so you can avoid feeling pressured to stay on the phone.

2. Text your friends when you think of them

A quick way to let someone know that you care is to send them a text when you see something that reminds you of them, whether you’re in the dining hall and see their favorite food or come out of lecture having talked about something they enjoy. Personally, I like to send my friends Buzzfeed quizzes that I know they’d like. It doesn’t have to evolve into a huge conversation, but it’s just a little something to show you’re thinking of them.

3. Vlogs

Something my best friend got me into is her version of “vlogging”, which consists of taking a quick video talking about something going on in her life and sending it to me so I know what’s going on. They can be funny, heartfelt, or a simple update. Vlogging is nice because I get to see her face and hear her voice, but they’re super short and there’s no pressure to respond right away. Plus, I can send a vlog back and we can start a “vlog chain” that feels like a real conversation.

4. Random FaceTimes

Definitely clear this with your friends and family first so you don’t annoy them all the time, but if you happen to find yourself free for a little while, why not try and reach out to someone? This is my favorite tactic because I find talking in a way that’s as close to face-to-face as possible feels more genuine. Plus, people still know how much they matter to you even if they don’t pick up. Then you end up getting a random call or text from them later! Honestly, you can just scroll through your contacts and click on people you want to talk to until someone picks up.

5. Schedule time

For those of you who tend to forget about people if they’re not right next to you, carve out a time to talk with the people you care the most about staying connected to. Holding yourself and others to this certainty will ensure you’re putting effort into the relationships that matter and gives you the opportunity to continue developing them on a regular basis.

At the end of the day, I hope you have this one take away from this article: it’s a lot easier to talk to people than you’d think. You’re in control here! You get to talk to people because you want to, not because you have to. You don’t need to be afraid to show the people you love just how much you love them.

Bella is a sophomore at the University of Michigan with roots in both New Jersey and Colorado. Outside of her major in business, she is passionate about music, writing, graphic design, mental health, and entrepreneurialism.
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