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Alex Mitropoulos-Rundus: A Student, An Athlete, A Sweetheart

Year: Junior

Major: CMB

Favorite Season: Spring

You know a guy’s a catch when he says finding the right girl is more important to him than football…especially when he’s on the team. Alex joined the Michigan football team last Fall as a walk on and has put in all the time and effort necessary to represent the Maize and Blue. Proudly doning #91, Alex is focusing more on just football and school, he’s also got a pretty good idea of what it takes to find the right girl. He’s answered a few questions for us, shedding light on what it means to be a true gentelman in search of a lucky lady.


HC: How do you feel about kissing on the first date?
A: “I’m actually pretty indifferent to kissing on the first date.  I’ve only ever been on one first date, and I think that it really depends on how the date went.  Sometimes, if it went really well, not kissing afterwards is the best thing, because why mess with an already great night?  If she likes you and your first impression enough, you’re gonna get that next opportunity to show her how much you care about her.  A simple hug and walking her back is all that’s necessary. It’s not about what you got out of it, or whether you were able to get that kiss or not.  It’s about how she feels, and how you can show her your genuine self. The rest is up for her to decide.”
HC: What are three of your “must haves” when it comes to a girl?
A: I don’t ever really think about a list of things that girls must have, I’m more of the type of guy that just knows when it’s right or not.  We all have that gut feeling.  But to analyze what constitutes that good feeling about a girl a bit, I’ll name three important things:
First, she has to be a good person. I don’t care how attractive you are, a relationship will never work out if there isn’t that baseline agreement on what’s right and wrong and how to live your life. 
A second thing would be that she has to respect both myself and herself. I know this wouldn’t narrow things down too much, as I feel that most girls do in fact have respect. But what I’m talking about is a very high level of respect, one that allows her to lead a life that she wants and is willing to fight for. In terms of respecting me, I think a girl that respects herself will also respect a guy she may have an interest in, so I think that’s taken care of.  
A third of many things would be that she has to be personable.  She must be able to get along with my friends, family, just the people in my life.  It’s a quality that can take you a long way.  
Those are three things of many, but I promise I don’t think all of these things through when I meet or see a girl.  It’s one of those things you figure out once you get to know them, and then everything will fall into place.
HC: What is your idea of a good first impression?
A: A good first impression is one that is genuine, and one in which the true “you” is revealed.  I don’t think that the setting matters at all. Some relationships are sparked among tuxes and pearls, but there are also those first impressions that come about when meeting someone randomly while doing something mundane, like working out, mowing the lawn, or just walking to class.  I find those to be the best, but regardless, if that person doesn’t see the “real you”, then it’s not a good first impression.
HC: Do you think you can meet your “next big thing” at a bar, or does it need to be a more sophisticated setting?
A: I think that it’s certainly possible, but I don’t know that it would happen for me that way.  
HC:  Describe your ideal date.
A: I can’t describe exactly how my ideal date would go.  I think an ideal date requires the most ideal woman, and as long as I can try and take care of her for an evening and show her how I feel while getting to know her better, then that’s pretty darn good.  Okay maybe I’d like it to end with great conversation, you know, talking about anything and everything, outside on a picnic blanket.  But that’s just fantasizing.  
HC: Tell me about the last time you felt truly smitten by a girl and why.
A: I felt smitten for a reason. I can’t just put it into words! I know it had to do with the way she always made me laugh. The cliche is that a guy wants a girl to laugh at his jokes, but it’s actually just as great when she can make you laugh.
HC: What do you feel you have to offer the opposite sex?
A: I think that when the time is right, I’ll be able to offer the support she needs, whether it be dealing with her overload of homework and other commitments, or just taking her out on a date that she’ll never forgot. I want to be the guy that she knows cares the most about her happiness. 
HC: When do you think it’s okay for your love interest to meet mom?
A: As soon as I know I love her!  That’s one way I know she’s a good one.  If I’m excited about introducing her to my mother, then I’m clearly invested in her.  So I guess, unless it unexpectedly happens, the choice is hers.
HC: With Valentine’s day just around the corner, do you find yourself thinking about love and dating a lot more, or is that just “a girl
A:It’s definitely not just a girl thing; I don’t care what any guy tries to say.  There are always outliers, but most guys definitely do think about it on a daily basis, not just because it’s February. Personally, I don’t think Valentine’s Day would make me show I care in any extraordinary way I wouldn’t consider on an average day. Lots of my friends stress about the 14th because they know they have to prove themselves. But for those of us who are single, it simply crosses our minds, no big deal. 
HC: What’s your favorite thing to find in a girl?
A: What we have in common. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten to know a girl who I initially thought I had nothing in common with. And then just talking to her and having fun reveals all these things that you share with her.  When you end up discovering those similarities with a girl you’re interested in, well, that’s pretty awesome.

There you have it ladies! A guy on the Michigan Football team is actully about more than scoring touchdowns and hitting up Rick’s every Saturday night. 

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