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When the Travel Bug Bites (As Told By GIFs)

This is you.

You go on an awesome trip.

And you see all kinds of things that you had only ever seen before in movies…

And you’re like, “Wow, this whole traveling thing is pretty neat.”

(This is about when the travel bug bites) 

and then…

You have to return to reality and you realize how mundane things like work and class are, so you sit in lecture like:

Really, you just want to scream

You constantly find yourself daydreaming about your next adventure. Maybe it will be like Lizzie McGuire’s? (Here’s hoping…)

But you can’t choose where it should be to because there are just so many places to explore.

So you decide to make it easy for yourself and just go to all of them.

No one seems to understand why you’re so antsy and ready to hop on a plane to anywhere.

So you try and tone it down a little, but you spend a good portion of your time researching flights to faraway places.

At some point you meet someone else who has the same intense wanderlust.

(Usually a friend of a friend or the girl sitting next to you in class or something equally as random)

You guys geek out about your trips for a while,

but then class ends or the group they came with is leaving and you’re like…

And (inevitably) at some point you remember you’re a college student

So you work really, really hard and save…

…and eventually your next trip is in the works after what seems like forever.

It’s safe to say you’re a little excited:

Embrace your inner adventurer and know that you are not alone in your “I’ve been in one place too long I need to go somewhere else right now” anxiety. The key is to keep busy and find activities you love wherever you are (daydreaming and searching Pinterest for your next trip are still both totally acceptable). Before you know it, some new adventure will be in the works (and then this whole cycle will start again, but we won’t focus on that). Happy travels, Collegiettes!

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Catie Baumgartner

U Mass Amherst

Linguist, sports enthusiast & all-around adventurer with a severe case of wanderlust.
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