Tips on Mindfulness

Being mindful is something that is easier said than done. When stressed out with college exams or assignments or a fight with friends, staying mindful is most important. Personal time can be so intimidating in this world that glorifies being around people. In a busy world, making sure to carve out time is so important. Here are a few tips to make sure you live a healthy and mindful lifestyle.


Eating Healthy

When in college, meals can consist of a bar on your way out of the door or a three course dinner with friends at the dining hall. There are many different theories on which is the best way to eat, but I believe that having a strong meal at breakfast and smaller meals for the end of the day is best. For me, I always want to be the person that wakes up early and showers and eats a great breakfast but I always find myself running out the door at the last second. What I do is make overnight oats and store them in my fridge and I can just grab it on my way out the door. I also try to make sure I eat lunch around the same time everyday. Another trick I use is making sure I eat food with substance. I enjoy grilled chicken, quinoa, vegetables, and foods similar to that because they give me energy. I think that lots of college girls have a weird relationship with food, but I think people should look at food as a source of fuel for their bodies.

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Working Out

It is very important to work out on a routine. Whether it is a walk around campus or a walk in your neighborhood, it's always a great idea. When I am stressed I always go for a run to clear my head. When I work out it feels as though it takes my mind off of anything that was stressing me out because I am focusing on how many reps or how much longer I need to run for. I used to go to college by the water and I would love to run by the water and listen to music to run with. When working out it releases endorphins, and makes people happier. After I do an intense workout I always feel better about myself.

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The power of meditation is something unknown until you practice it. Meditation is something for me that has been extremely hard. I have a very hard time sitting still and staying focused so meditation at first was difficult for me, but I worked really hard at it. My dad is very good at meditation and when I have trouble with it I call him and he gives me helpful tips! There are a lot of great apps like HeadSpace that are helpful for learning new tips. At first I could not meditate with silence so I would often listen to white noise during it and after a little while I slowly went off from it and could meditate in silence, and then I learned to meditate in places as busy as the airport!


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Final tip

Everyone should be on their phone less. Live in the moment! I always bring a camera, so I can save the memories.