A Collegiette's Guide to Surviving the Holidays: As Told by Seth Cohen from The OC

As the snow begins to fall outside and the radio begins playing non-stop carols, so begins one of all of us Collegiettes' favorite times of the year; the Holiday season! We love decking the halls, trimming the tree, and spending quality time with the ones we love! But as much as we enjoy all the holly-jolly cheerfulness, we also know how overwhelming and downright stressful the Holidays can be.

Whether it’s the heated political debates over turkey dinner or conversations about entering “the real world” over apple pie, too much time with your relatives can easily turn sour. So here we have some tips for all you Collegiettes out there so you can stay stress-free and on your family’s good side this Holiday season! Of course, who could narrate a holiday “how to” better than the King of Chrismukkah himself, Seth Cohen from The OC!

Tip 1: Go into it with a positive attitude. Yes, your crazy great-aunt is going to ask you personal questions about your love life, again, and you’ll be probably be compared to your "more successful" cousin, again, but if you go into these holiday parties with some semblance of a positive outlook you might actually make it out drama free! Studies show that people who think positively deal with stress better and around the holidays we could all use a little less stress! So next time you get another “You’re still single?” remark from one of your relatives, don’t take it to heart and let them all know you just haven’t found the right guy yet! It’s the truth after all!

Tip 2: Try to be flexible. Most likely there’s going to be a lot of different parties for you to attend and there’s no guarantee they won’t be at the same time. To survive the holidays you’re going to have to prioritize your time. This is especially difficult for us Collegiettes with divorced parents; it’s hard enough to juggle time with one family, never mind a complicated web of families. Plan out your holiday schedule in advance so you’ll know where you’ll be when, and how much time you’ll be spending with who, that way everyone will get to spend a reasonable amount of time with you! When in doubt, get creative with your plans like Seth and create your own holiday!

Tip 3: Be the funny girl. Everyone knows that laughter is the best medicine, so what better way to cure your holiday blues than a little comic relief? Not only will you avoid the drama that usually ensues, but also you might even have a fun time. When a family member or friend starts to get on your nerves don’t get mad, just start cracking jokes and make a beeline out of the situation! Of course, make sure you keep it appropriate and don’t offend anyone and you’ll be the life of the party instead of caught up in the drama! Just think of Seth and how he always uses humor to diffuse a situation!

The Holiday season can be really taxing on us Collegiettes, but by staying positive, showcasing your sense of humor and navigating through your social scene gracefully, the holidays can be a lot more fun and a lot less stress-filled. Always remember to enjoy yourself and your time with your family, no matter what because tis the season after all!