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The Best Childish Gambino Playlist to Jam to

Childish Gambino is a new type of rapper. He’s like that weird kid from high school who you secretly thought was kind of cute, and to everyone’s surprise he can really freakin’ rap. His real name is Donald Glover, and he not only raps but is also an actor and comedian. Check out his standup on Netflix called Weirdo; it’s hilarious. But first, check out these awesome jams for the best Childish Gambino experience:

1.Freaks and Geeks”

This song is for sure a Gambino classic.

2. “My Shine”

He doesn’t only rap, but is a great singer too.


3. “Heartbeat”

Love this music video!


4. “Bonfire”

Camp Gambino looks rather terrifying…


5. “All of the Lights”

All of the awesomeness of Kanye’s “All of the Lights” without Kanye’s ego.  


6. “The Crawl”

Sounds like a lot of noise, but in a rad way.


7. “3005″

The teddy bear is almost as cute as him, and you can’t go wrong with Ferris wheels.


8. “The Worst Guys”

Chance the Rapper and Gambino make for a great combination.


9. “Lights Turned On”

“This girl never heard of me, go and check Youtube.”


10. “Worldstar”

A cool beat to jam to.


11. “Sweatpants”

Multiple Childish Gambino’s? Yes please.

If you were hardcore jamming to any of those songs, check out more Gambino beats! And if you’re digging that type of style, check out other artists such as Chance the Rapper, Kid Cudi, and the Weeknd.

Happy listening, Collegiettes!

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