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5 Incredible Shows to Start Over Spring Break

With spring break in full swing, there are many of us out there that will spend our remaining free time catching up on our favorite TV shows. And yes, college is busy, and yes, that makes it hard to keep up with our current shows in general, but I’m imploring you to at least check out these five shows. They’re all incredible in my eyes, and could use a little more love. Why not throw some of that love their way this break?

1. “The Get Down”

The fact that nobody else seems to be watching “The Get Down” is shocking, in my personal opinion, because it’s so freakin’ good. If I had to wager a guess as to why everyone is sleeping on this gem, it’s probably because “The Get Down” came out at the same time as “Stranger Things,” and therefore, it was overshadowed and overlooked. Taking place in the South Bronx and following the rise of hip-hop and disco music, “The Get Down” stars and does not forget the people of color and the members of the LGBTQ+ community who were instrumental in this rise. Consisting of one part (or season) so far, Part Two of “The Get Down” is going to be released on April 7. Ratings weren’t too hot before, but if Netflix sees a surge in viewers now, this incredible show will have its renewal chances increased! There’s honestly no show that deserves this more.

2. “Pitch”

Out of all the shows on this list, I haven’t actually seen “Pitch” yet. With school sucking my life away, it wasn’t very possible. However, with spring break at my fingertips, you can believe that this is what I’ll be binge-watching! Following a (fictitious) story about the first woman to play in the MLB, this is another show that, like “The Get Down,” is still up in the air for when it comes to renewal. Ratings weren’t the best either — however, things could also change for this show as well if Fox sees that it has a strong online presence, such as streaming the show or social media buzz. If you have cable, you can sign in on the Fox website and watch it there, or at Hulu if you have a subscription! “Pitch” is too important to be cancelled, so give it a shot.

3. “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

I already wrote an article about why you should be watching “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” as soon as you possibly can, but I just finished season two, and I’m honestly still stunned by everything that went down. It’s not only a show that talks about important issues like mental health, but does so in a way that’s articulate and understandable. I’m so, so thankful that the CW decided to renew it for another season! Both seasons are up on Netflix, so what are you waiting for?! Go, go, go, go!

4. “iZombie”

Yes, this is another CW show. However, when you push past “The Vampire Diaries” or “Supernatural,” which is what the network is known most for, you can find some really good shows. “iZombie” is one of them. It centers around Liv Moore, who’s a promising surgical resident before she gets turned into a zombie. Desperate for brains in order to remain a functional (undead?) being, Liv drops the surgery gig and becomes a medical examiner in order to get a fresh supply of brains. Sound wild already? Well, it gets crazier — when Liv eats brains, she gets the deceased one’s memories, allowing her to help solve their murders. It’s so, so incredibly funny, and it’ll make you question yourself at times — especially with the meals that Liv makes with the brains.

5. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”

You’ve probably seen the GIFs if you’re on Tumblr. If not, you’ve probably at least heard of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” If you want a laugh, then this show will never fail to deliver. It’s like “Parks and Recreation,” except that it’s 1) not a mockumentary and 2) takes place in a police precinct in Brooklyn. Jake Peralta and the gang, though, are just as feminist as Leslie Knope is, and like “Parks and Recreation,” there’s a wide, lovely, hilarious ensemble of characters. The characters of color are full, complete individuals, devoid of stereotypes. The women on the show are incredible. The LGBTQ+ representation is a plus as well ­— the captain of the precinct, Ray Holt, is a gay black man and one of the best parts of the show. Andre Braugher has been nominated for an Emmy three times due to his incredible performance. Not to mention, actress Stephanie Beatriz thinks that her character, Rosa Diaz, is bi, so there’s that as well!

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