40 Things To Put On Your Summer 2014 Bucket List

21. Catch lightning bugs.

22. Star-gaze.

23. Try some new food, even if you're scared!

24. Visit a waterpark or amusement park.

25. Go see The Fault In Our Stars movie that comes out June 6th! (You will certainly fall in love with Augustus Waters after this tearjerker.)

26. Have a photo-shoot with friends.

27. Collect seashells.

28. Watch the sunrise on the beach.

29. (For laughs) Use a corny pick-up line on a cute guy and see his reaction. (To Theo: "Did you have Lucky Charms for breakfast? Because you're magically delicious.")

30. Play messy Twister.

31. Go night-swimming.

32. Have an at-home spa day.

33. Eat breakfast for dinner.

34. Try to make someone’s day by doing something nice—like maybe leave a nice note on a stranger’s car.

35. Listen to 5 Seconds of Summer.

36. Start a blessings jar. (It doesn't have to start from January 1st!)

37. Let a floating lantern go.

38. Get some funny shirts.

39. Treat yourself to some funnel cake or fried food!

40. Do something different with your appearance—lighten your hair, tip-dye it, get another piercing.

Just make sure to have a great summer, Collegiettes!