Profile: Michaela Cisowski

Basic Facts

Hometown? Torrington, CT

Birthday? November 3

Instagram? mic1997


Campus Life

What’s your major? Zoology with a Pre-Med Concentration

What year are you? Sophomore

Why did you choose UMaine? The research opportunities, beautiful campus, and welcoming people



Best Class? Human Anatomy BIO 335; you get to dissect a cat

Best Professor? Dr. Atkins, she always makes class fun

Best thing to do on the weekend? Hockey games



Favorite Restaurant? OHOP, best thing there is the BBQ chicken pizza (gluten free)

Favorite Sport? Softball

Favorite Show? Grey’s Anatomy

Favorite thing about Sophomore Eagles? The community aspect of the group and our purpose (community service, the work we do for the freshman)



Fall or Spring Semester? Spring, you get to see the campus come back to life and all the groups come together for Maine Day


Top Three’s

Top three things on your bucket list?

1.) Travel to Italy

2.) Go to time square for New Year’s Eve

3.) Go to a world series game when the Yankees are playing


Top three college memories?

1.) Military Ball 2017

2.) Black Bearathon with the Sophomore Eagles

3.) Hockey games with friends


Top three things to accomplish before you graduate?

1.) Complete a research project

2.) Travel for Spring Break

3.) Order a pizza from every place in the Bangor/Orono area to prove that OHOP is the best


Sophomore Eagles

What is the Sophomore Eagles Honor Society? A group that works closely with the freshman class to get them accustom to college and involved on campus and in the community

Why did you want to be the Sophomore Eagles President? I had a lot of experience in high school, I led a hunger project that raised $15,000 and packed 62,000 meals to food banks. I was excited about what the group did and wanted to be involved as much as possible.

What are your responsibilities as President? Making sure everyone is on the same page with what we are working on, getting the group involved with activities, bringing the other three tradition groups together

What is the most important thing the Sophomore Eagles did this past year? All the events we put on for the freshman (Haunted Trails, Cookie Decorating)

For people who want to be an Eagle, what is the most important component? We look at everyone as a whole, but their involvement as a freshman on campus is important.