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An Open Letter to the Best Friend I Never Saw Coming and Who Deserves a Long Overdue Thank You

You have no idea I’m writing this and the funny thing is you are actually sitting right across from me at the library while I type this up. We’ve been working on classwork for our courses, sending Tik Toks back and forth, taking breaks (mostly to discuss whether or not you should dye your hair again and what color since I’m #teamdarkhair) and doing what we usually do, but I wanted to write this because you deserve an overdue thank you. I don’t think words will ever be able to do that “thank you” justice but know that I am so grateful that I found someone like you in college and even more grateful that in such a short time, I can call you a best friend of mine.

I don’t mean this in the cheesy, picturesque college best friends sense where we post Instagram photos documenting our friendship 24/7 or do everything together (even though it could be said we do most things together), but in the sense that you found the friend you can listen to the same songs over and over with screaming the lyrics at the top of your lungs in all hours of the night (and who doesn’t mind when you mess up the words), the friend that gives you her honest opinion even when she knows it’s not the opinion you were hoping to hear, the friend that doesn’t get frustrated when you stress yourself out but asks what she can do to help even if it means staying up all night or alternatively, going to bed late and waking up at an absurdly early hour in the morning and most importantly, the friend that reminds you to be both present and live in the moment when you forget to do that yourself. 

Truthfully, I almost dropped the class we had together last semester and I’m so glad I stayed because in actuality, we haven’t been friends for very long, but on the very rare occasion in life, sometimes you meet someone and you just click. I bet you’re rolling your eyes right now or thinking that is the cheesiest thing you've heard in a while, but it’s true - sometimes you just meet someone and you get along better with that person better than you have with people you’ve known for twice as long. This is the type of person you look back on in your first or second year of college and wonder “where were you?” and “why couldn’t I have had our friendship sooner?” But then at the same time, you realize that they came into your life at the time they did for a reason and it wasn’t meant to happen any sooner or later than it did. We may have become closer outside of that class, but I do credit the 40+ hours we spent in the library in one week working on that group project as one of the main reasons we began to get closer. 

These are just a few things about you that both stick out to me and are qualities I have come to admire during the course of our friendship. The funny thing about our friendship is that when you really think about it, it’s funny how fast we went from “I like you and we should hang out outside of class sometime” to “Chipotle?” even if we’ve already been once that week, “When you come and visit where I’m from” to “So when you come back in the summer, we’re doing x, y, and z.” and more importantly from seeing each other once a week during class to seeing each other every day, voluntarily.  

So here it goes,

Firstly, thank you for working so hard and always doing what it takes to get everything done or help those around you do so. You have one of the best work ethics of anyone I know and whenever I describe you to a friend from home or to a family member of mine asking if I have made any friends up at college, that’s the one thing I begin with. I am so proud of all you’ve done and how little you ask in regards to any acknowledgment and/or praise of said accomplishments or completed tasks, you know exactly what you’re doing and know exactly what you want to accomplish, I admire that more than you know. Without fail, you complete what needs to get done and handle everything on your plate with an ease and grace I can only hope to harness one day.

Secondly, thank you for being a prime example of an accomplished individual who is able to balance academics, her professional development and her personal life. I used to think that taking a break or sacrificing a night in to do homework instead of going out with friends was all part of sacrificing. The sacrifice I will continuously have to make to get to graduate school and further obtain an education beyond my undergraduate career - yet, I saw you, someone with similar goals and aspirations as myself, spend weekends enjoying your time as a college student, traveling to different parts of Maine to see friends and sometimes just taking part of the day for you and I realized that you can balance it all. I realized that you don’t have to sacrifice all of those college experiences in order to go beyond college - and I can’t thank you enough for showing me that.

Third, thank you for always paying it forward. You are one of the very few people I’ve met who not only doesn’t want to owe anything to anyone (even if it’s a rush from Aroma’s or a ride somewhere) , but who gives back in a way that you don’t see as much anymore among the average person. However big or small, you’ll take the kindness shown to you, be it through words or acts, and you’ll display it to others. Because someone did it for you, when given the opportunity, you make sure that you do the same for another person or persons, even if it means going out of your way and that people might not even know you even did it.

Fourth, thank you for always being up for an adventure - whether it’s Walmart at 11 p.m. or driving to a city over an hour away. I know that no matter where we end up going and whatever we end up doing for that hour or couple of hours, we’ll do it smiling constantly and laughing uncontrollably. Some of my favorite college memories either involve us playing No Guidance on full blast while screaming the lyrics that resonate with us the most (flew the coop at seventeen with absolutely no guidance), referring to everything and everyone as a trash panda, stating our unfiltered thoughts on the most recent Bachelor episode and beyond. Whether it’s spontaneous or planned, I love that anything is an adventure, even when some are more than most!

Finally, thank you for never hesitating to tell me those hard truths, even when I don't want to hear them. I know that if I ever need an honest perspective or any honest feedback of any sort, you will give that to me, no matter what. Whether I’m running an essay prompt by you, proofreading my Her Campus article so I can hear it spoken out loud, rereading a risky text for the third time, talking out loud regarding ideas or a course of action, or any number of text review scenarios similar to these, without a doubt, I know you will give me your honest opinion and add commentary that is only meant to help or offer a perspective I am not seeing myself. I trust your judgment more than most and I am grateful to have someone who I know will always offer that.

I can’t thank you enough for all you do for me and all you add to my life, here’s to two more semesters down the road enjoying our time in college and simultaneously trying to survive our economics majors. But most importantly, here’s to you, my best friend I never saw coming, I can’t imagine not having you in my life and I’m so grateful I don’t ever have to. I love you and I’ll probably see you later today in the library rushes in hand as we work on our Family Law Notes, per usual!