5 Things to Appreciate About Dorm Living

If you lived in the dorms your freshman year of college, then you know they are very unlikeable at times. You have communal bathrooms, loud neighbors, the awful meal plan, a twin bed, the laundry situation, and no privacy. Although a good portion of living in the dorms suck, it’s always good to step back and see what the positives are!

1.) Freedom

You are finally away from home and get to do whatever want! You can come and go as you please, go to class or skip (it happens people!), and eat 3 meals or 6. The possibilities are endless.

2.) Socializing

You always have people around to hang out with. Chances are your friends live just down the hall or in a nearby dorm. Being a short walk from your friends is something we dreamed of since we were in elementary school!

3.) Less Responsibilities

Although living in an apartment off campus gives you more freedom, you have many more responsibilities. By living in the dorms, you will always have a dumpster to leave your trash, you can take as many hot showers as you want, and you can control the temperature of your room without worrying about your bill at the end of the month.

4.) Food

With living on campus comes the inevitable unlimited meal plan. Although we can all agree the food isn’t the best, we all still have access to food throughout the day. We don’t have to worry about grocery shopping or having to cook because it’s all provided!

5.) Convenience

The number one reason I think living on campus is worth it is because of the convenience. You are always just a short walk from class, events, meetings, games, and food. There is no need to worry about finding a parking spot or if traffic will be bad on your way to campus. If a teacher needs to meet with you last minute, you could be at their office in five to ten minutes.

Even though living on campus has its downside, living on campus has added to my college experience greatly and will be a time I always rememeber.