"Sprang" Break Packing List

Yo, collegiettes! It’s the midway point of the semester so it’s almost time for sprang break. (Yes I know its SPRING break, but you have to admit, “sprang break” gets you more pumped up!) Whether you’re traveling near or far or staycationing, you should always have a list of thing with you in case emergencies emerge. There are a lot of things to consider on what to pack. Are you going on a plane? Cruise? Car trip? Are you staying in hotels, condos or a house? Many variables are at play here, my friends. Here's my checklist to avoid catastrophe on your SPRANG BREAK. 

Plane Trips 

If you’re traveling by plane and checking a bag, don’t pack all your clothes in that checked bag just in case it goes missing or gets delayed. Keep some outfits in your carry-ons just in case.

Also, remember the TSA’s 3:1:1 rule. Any liquids, gels, creams or aerosols must be in a 3.4 oz. bottle or tube in 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic zip-top bag and only one bag per person. 

Car Trips

  • Snacks/drinks
  • Headphones
  • Sweater that doubles as a pillow
  • Charger for your phone
  • Blanket

Beach Essentials

  • Beach Bag
  • Sunglasses
  • Gum
  • Fold out chair

The Basics


  • Face wash
  • Deodorant
  • Floss
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Sunscreen (get one with a built-in moisturizer)
  • Travel sized shampoo, conditioner, and soap
  • Dry shampoo (washing hair every day isn’t good, so why not?)
  • Makeup
  • Razor – or not like depends on your goals for a break. #NoShaveMarch
  • Medication – birth control, ibuprofen (hangovers), allergy pills (sneezing ain’t sexy)
  • Hair ties and bobby pins
  • First aid kit (or hope the hot lifeguard has one)
  • Feminine hygiene products – Mother Nature doesn’t care if you’re on sprang break
  • Tweezers – get those eyebrows on fleek
  • Straightener/curling iron (most hotels come with a hair dryer, but double check!)
  • Hairbrush (combat your morning hair)
  • Your personal documents (ID, Passport, Student ID for discounts)


  • 3-5 swimsuits (Spring Break is a week long…)
  • Cover up (for over your swimsuit)
  • 5-7 tops (mix and match casual with going out)
  • Skirt
  • 2 pairs of shorts (if you’re going somewhere warm)
  • A pair of jeans (you can wear over and over again; bring more if you’re going somewhere cooler)
  • A pair of yoga pants/leggings (that you can wear over and over again)
  • 2-3 casual dresses
  • 1 nicer dress (if you plan on going out a lot bring more or more dresses that are casual, but nice you would wear out)
  • Hats (baseball caps, bucket hats, floppy hats, you pick.)
  • Light jacket/sweatshirt (it can get a little chilly sometimes)
  • Norts (Nike Shorts) or sweatpants (stretchy and comfortable)
  • Basic jewelry that goes with everything
  • Two pairs of pajamas (repeat it at night, no one will know/are you going to remember to change after coming home?)
  • Shoes (I recommend flip flops, flats, sandals, wedges if you want to get fancy, tennis shoes if you’re doing a lot of walking or active activities)
  • Underwear and Bras (one set for each day you’re there, plus three extras just in case)

Just In Case

  • Beach towels (if you’re at a hotel they might supply them; if you’re staying at a house, you might want to bring more beach/towels just in case)
  • Charger (phone, laptop, tablet – just remember it all)
  • Portable charger (your guardian angel)
  • Koozies (keep your drinks cool and crisp)
  • Plastic laundry bag (keep your wet and dirty clothes separate from other clothes)
  • A book (if you want to read over sprang break)
  • Water bottle (cause you thirsty)
  • Hand sanitizer (because it’s sprang breakkkk)
  • Umbrella

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