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It was the decade that brought us bell-bottoms and the life of disco. The 1970s were all about vibrant colors and stylish patterns and my shopping cart is here for it. This decade is making a major comeback in 2021 and you don’t want to miss out. Here are the fashion trends you need to take from the ’70s that will make your wardrobe immaculate this summer:

Flare pants

woman in sunglasses
Photo by Alessia Chinazzo from Unsplash

Nothing screams the 1970s more than high-waisted flare jeans. Flare pants were a staple in the ’70s and it’s no surprise they’re here to stay 2021. Pairing these jeans with your favorite booties and a fun bra top will give you that instant look of a ’70s queen. So don’t walk… run and grab a pair of flares that catches your eyes linked here.  

Tinted eyewear 

Fashionable young woman adjusting sunglasses on street
Photo by ????? ???????? from Pexels
This is by far my favorite trend to happen in 2021 and I hope it stays forever. Even if it doesn’t, I’m wearing tinted sunglasses for the rest of my life. A pair of decent bulky or square-shaped sunnies will not only protect your eyes but elevate your look. Amazon always has us covered giving us the perfect dupe for the Gucci pilot yellow-tinted aviators that have all the rave this year.

Texture galore

Marcus Loke

What’s the ’70s without a little bit of texture, or even better mixing the textures. This was the decade of textures and your closet needs all the knit, crochet, corduroy, leather, and fur your hands can get a hold of. Mixing these fabrics are a big trend this year so don’t miss out on mix-matching your favorite fabrics to create a look everyone would die for.

Spicy patterns

mannequin dress in store
Photo by Markus Spiske from Unsplash

The ’70s had just the right patterns that visually brought an outfit to life. Its loud patterns can catch anyone’s eye in disbelief of how good you look. And since the ’70s is making a comeback brands like House of Sunny are on top of incorporating the perfect groovy patterns and colors that you need to add to your closet asap. 

Monochromatic suits 

Woman in suit and sunglasses sitting on bench
Photo by Joanna Nix-Walkup from Unsplash
Having a monochromatic fit in your closet is a staple to achieve that ’70s look. Suits were the rave for women in the ’70s and they are just as much of a statement now, especially after the monochromatic looks the 2021 inauguration women served us. A bright-colored or printed suit paired with a turtle neck or regular tee underneath will complete that perfect professional look from the ’70s. Don’t know where to start looking? Well, I got you covered, Misguided has a wide variety of blazers and matching pants to start your monochromatic search.

Bra tops

woman wearing sunglasses in bikini
Photo by Anasta Olson from Unsplash

Bras were meant to be worn as a top in the ’70s and that should not be any different in 2021. Brands like Zara have a perfect collection of bra tops to pair with your favorite trousers or flares. But if you’re like me and wearing a bra as a top doesn’t really fit your style, never fear because a comfy crop top can replace the effect a bra top gives your outfit. Whether it’s silk, knit or linen these tops are a must-have in 2021. 

Destinee is a third-year student at The University of Iowa majoring in Journalism and Mass Communications, and is getting a certificate in Event Management. Besides writing, she is a Sports Reporter at The Daily Iowan TV.
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