5 Amazing Female-Oriented Novels That Will Leave You Wanting More

Who doesn’t like to be motivated, feel confident or simply relate to a book that they are reading? For me, I feel all of these emotions when I read a women-oriented novel. I feel empowered when I read a book that is written and/or revolves around the life of a woman.

In my opinion, every girl out there deserves to feel the same! So, here are 5 amazing women-oriented novels:

1. The Bookish Life of Nina Hill

This novel by Abbi Waxman revolves around a single child to her mother, Nina. She has a perfect life according to her. She has a job, a cat and all her books. When suddenly her father who she never knew existed passes away, she gains a new extended family. This makes Nina come out of her shell and learn that there is more to life than just books.

2. When Rishi Met Dimple

Author, Sandya Menon does an incredible job of writing a story that includes a South Asian female protaganist.  She recently graduated and is ready for a break from her family, but her overbearing parents are obsessed with finding an ideal “Indian Husband”. Dimple has larger dreams, as she wants to make it big in the Web Development industry. She bumps into Rishi while at a conference, and happenes to share the same dream. The book is simply adorable and provides the point of view of both Dimple and Rishi, which makes this novel a fun and interesting read.


3. The Other’s Gold

This book by Elizabeth Ames portrays the story of four women who meet in college and hold onto their friendship even after college, through thick and thin. The book is told chronologically but is structurally split into four parts. Each section dedicated to each women’s biggest mistake. For a reader looking for interesting twists, this is the book for you.

4. Mrs. Everything

This is definitely not a conventional happy book that you would expect it to be. It makes you question the many things that women go through. Jennifer Weiner follows the story of two sisters through three generations. This story explores the questions surrounding emotional growth, equality, and most of all the burdens placed upon women.

 A Novel by [Weiner, Jennifer]

5. Necessary People

Anna Pitoniak writes a mesmerizing story about two best friends, Stella and Violet, who come from different backgrounds. Stella left her home early in her childhood to come to college, while Violet is a pharmaceutical heiress with effortless beauty and poise. When Stella becomes envious of  what Violet's ambition has brought her, the story descends into a thrilling read.

Necessary People by [Pitoniak, Anna]Image Credits: 1,2,3,4,5