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16 Rupi Kaur Quotes To Get You Through Tough Times

Sometimes you can’t avoid going through some tough times. It happens to all of us. There are lots of ways to get through these situations--leaning on your friends and family and practicing self care, for example.

Rupi Kaur has taken the world by storm with her poetry books Milk and Honey and The Sun and Her Flowers. Her words are vulnerable, empowering and honest as she pours her heart out to her readers. There is a poem for every situation from heartbreak to feeling like you can conquer the world. No matter what’s getting you down, she has something for it all.

1. For when it feels like nothing can go right

2. For when you are stuck dwelling on the past

3. For when you’re feeling alone

4. For when someone is bringing you down

5. For when you’re unmotivated

6. For when it feels like you’re at rock bottom

7. For when you’re feeling heartbroken

8. For when you’re struggling with body image

9. For when love is getting you down

10. For when you cut toxic people out of your life

11. For when you’ve been broken up with

12. For when it feels hard to stay strong

13. For when you need a confidence boost

14. For when you’re not sure you’re on the right path

15. For when you don’t feel like you’re enough

16. For when you can’t stop worrying

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