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10 Signs Spring Break is Approaching

1.       The tanning salon is always packed

2.       You have no motivation for school work

3.       There is a surge of new summer clothes in your favorite stores

4.       Bikini shopping!

5.       You hear “PCB” used in some type of context on a daily basis

6.       You constantly have to remind yourself that your bikini body is more important than that piece of pizza

7.       You find the motivation to go to the gym on a regular basis

8.       You put yourself on a strict budget  

9.       Manis and Pedis

10.   You talk yourself into thinking 50 degrees is warm 

I am a journalism student and senior at the University of Iowa. I love traveling and exploring new places, as well as meeting new people. I hope to work for a magazine publishing company in the future, and would one day love to work internationally!
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