Why Krazy Glue All Purpose Singles Is An Absolute Necessity For Dorm Life

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Dorm rooms are bound for disaster. It’s an inevitable fact of nature. Especially for me, being in a TRIPLE, crazy stuff happens -- wine spilled on rugs, Chipotle chicken on the floor, hair everywhere and broken lamps. Speaking of broken, I hate when my things break in the dorm! While I am writing this article, the big “A” on my wall literally just fell. This “A” is cardboard decorated with artificial wild flowers from Michaels.

Now, the only reason I am not losing my mind about this is because of the fact that I have a magical tool to fix everything. This little magic maker is called Krazy Glue. Ugh, I can’t get over how amazing it is. While my life is falling apart, at least Krazy Glue can keep my dorm room together. The best part about these is, they are singles! They come in a little plastic container that even allows them to be hauled around on the go. Convenient and crazy.

It is a beautiful thing to have something so small make such a big difference. In complete seriousness, it is the strongest glue, you only need to use a dab of it. My only complaint is that it is so strong, getting it on your fingers will actually feel course and it will burn your fingerprint off. But, that’s not really a complaint since we want that kind of strength in glue. Just make sure not to get it on skin.

Not only ia it super strong but Krazy Glue literally takes seconds to dry. I like to put weight on it while it is drying for extra support, but in all honestly you don't need it.  I was able to glue my wildflowers back on with no problem, making it look even better than before. But even better than the way my “A” now looks is the price of Krazy Glue. It is extremely affordable and a great bang for your buck. They even have different forms ranging from paint-on to minis. Nothing beats this glue. It’s way better than hot glue or the standard Elmers runny white glue. So get your Krazy Glue and go crazy fixing things!

If you want to have some of these handy-dandy Krazy Glues singles, check them out here: http://amzn.to/2EQX7vp. Their reasonable price gives you that extra push to make the purchase!