Why Finals Should Not Be a Thing

Finals are the worst. Here are some reasons why I believe that they shouldn't exist at all.

  1. They are extremely stressful, and they are just added pressure to the lives of busy college students who already have a lot on their plates.

  2. Clearly students know their material. If they are tested on it throughout the semester, a cumulative exam is not necessary. 

  3. There are more effective ways to assess students’ knowledge than just exams. Professors should look into more dynamic assignments like projects, presentations, or open-ended papers. 

  4. There is a negative connotation associated with the words “final exam”. Perhaps if it was renamed something along the lines of a growth assessment then it would not stress students out as much.

  5. Students should use this time to apply their knowledge into the real world. Instead of dedicating hours to studying, a student can be getting an internship or volunteering during that time.

  6. Some students do not have good study skills. These things have not been developed properly throughout their youth and thus they continue to struggle. If professors expect good results on the final, they should make sure to teach the proper ways to study as well