Which Taylor Swift Era Matches Your Soul?

This a quiz to see which Tay-Tay album or albums represent you best. To play, just keep track of your answers 1-4. At the end, tally them up and based on your score, there will be a corresponding Taylor album era to reveal your personality!

1) Pick Your Favorite Color:

  1. Pink

  2. Blue

  3. Black

  4. Red

2) Who Would You Date?:

  1. Tom Hiddleston

  2. John Mayer

  3. Calvin Harris

  4. Harry Styles

3) What Animal Speaks To You?:

  1. Cat

  2. Dog

  3. Snake

  4. Bunny

4) What’s Your Favorite Genre Of Music?:

  1. Pop or R&B

  2. Country

  3. Rock

  4. Folk

5) What Is Your Favorite Season?:

  1. Summer

  2. Spring

  3. Winter

  4. Fall 

6) What Car Would You Most Want?:

  1. Convertible Volkswagen Bug

  2. Truck or Jeep

  3. Jaguar F-Type

  4. Maserati

7). How Would You Prefer To Get Dumped?:

  1. Through a song

  2. On a 30-second phone call

  3. Finding out they cheated on you and dumping them first...after slashing their tires

  4. On a boat during vacation (at least you’d have your friends and family)

8). OMG! Kanye West Just Dissed You At The VMA’s. What Do You Do?:

  1. Let it go, move on and focus on yourself 

  2. Burn all of the pictures you can find of him and curse his name 

  3. Write an entire revenge album about it

  4. Call him up and let him know that you will never, ever, ever be friends again- then let it go

9) You’re With Your Crush, and Right Before He Goes To Kiss You, It Starts Raining. What Do You Do?:

  1. Park somewhere to fog up the windows...if you know what I mean ;)

  2. Screw it, JUST KISS HIM

  3. Run somewhere safe, this hair ain’t getting wet

  4. Go for a long drive on the back roads to have long conversations to get to know each other

10) You’re going to a dage and know you’ll run into your crush. What do you wear?:

  1. Go for sweet & innocent: a short sundress, big sunglasses and strappy wedges

  2. Go for casual: jean shorts, camo tank top and cowgirl boots or flip flops

  3. Go for badass: Your tightest leather shorts and a white t-shirt...bra optional

  4. Go for bold: red high waisted jean shorts and a black bralette and Vans

RESULTS: 10-18: Lover! Congrats, you are the new era of Taylor. 

You are focused on you, girl and you aren’t letting petty drama run your life. You use your good spirit to get you through tough situations and a lot of things go right for you because you look on the bright side of life since your glass is always half full. You are fun-loving, caring and empathetic. You are soft-spoken, but not afraid to stand up for yourself or others when you need to. You have a romantic soul and when you love someone or something, you put all of your energy into that one thing and totally tune out reality. You are a hopeless romantic who knows by now that life isn’t a fairytale, but it can be pretty damn close. You often just “go with the flow” and let life take you where it may because stressing is overrated. Your friends love you because you always know what to say to brighten their day. You know that there may be some hard times, but when the sky rains, you dance through it and make the ones around you do the same. Keep living every day in the daylight. You are a butterfly among caterpillars. 

19-25: Taylor Swift, Speak Now, Fearless, 1989. 

Congrats, you are the most honest Taylor era. You are bright-eyed and bushy tailed. You have had your fair share of heartbreak and life lessons, but nothing too serious yet. You are still living your best life and looking forward to the future. You are sassy, free and wild and not afraid to go after what you want because you have nothing to lose. Whether it’s fighting for your mans, fighting off the queen bee or outing the heartthrob for the entire world to see (sorry, John Mayer), you are still fresh and up for the challenge. While you are all of these things, you are also an introverted-extrovert: You love to hang with your small circle of friends and even appear at a party sometimes, but can be shy or quiet around your crush or some new faces. However, once you get to know them, you are comfortable, quirky and the light of their lives. You don’t go around looking for a fight, but if someone pokes you, you never back down. Keep living totally fearless and shake off any bad vibes! You are a bear among...well...garbage.

26-32-: Reputation! Congrats, you are the total badass era of Taylor. 

You are focused on getting what you want and not letting anyone stand in your way. You are outspoken and confident. You are not afraid to stand up for yourself or others in any situation and honesty is your strong suit. Whether you want revenge or love, you put your full effort into it. You are rebellious, real and totally ready to own your own throne. You are usually the leader in any group and are not afraid to take charge. You are intimidating, but once people get to know you, they love you! Keep living like you’re riding in a getaway car! You are a snake among rats.

33-40: Red! Congrats, you are the most emotional Taylor era. 

You thrive on learning from past mistakes. So, you often dwell on the past, whether you want to change it or not. You pour your heart and soul into everything you do because you don’t want to be taken for granted like you usually are. However, you are the best friend and lover that anyone could have because of your intense emotion. You are charming, romantic and vulnerable. You are sometimes afraid to put yourself out there because of what might happen, but once you do, there’s no going back- it’s all or nothing. You use your unique ability to take in everything that life has to offer and write a new chapter for yourself. You can light up a room with your smile and what’s special about you is that you’re so gentle, kind and beautiful and you don’t even realize it! Don’t let anyone give you less than you deserve. Keep on living in a state of grace! You are the moon in a midnight sky.