Which Harry Potter House Are You?

Whether you are brave, confident, snarky or kind, you are equally amazing. However, it does put you into a specific Hogwarts house. As you probably know, there is Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, all of which have incredible talents and skills unique to its students. As it is that time of year where Harry Potter becomes an imperative part of the holidays, take the quiz below to see which house you belong to so you can get the right stocking stuffers!Although the formal process of house assignments is left to the Sorting Hat, which takes into account all of your own qualities along with the house your heart desires, this is a shortcut through the wizarding world ways.  Directions: tally up the majority of 1’s, 2’s, 3’s or 4’s you have and find which house you are at the bottom!

Hagrid takes you to the Wizard World to get a few items required for your first year at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. You need a pet, a wand and your choice of a book. Which will you choose?

You need a pet! 

  1. Toad

  2. Rat

  3. Owl

  4. You’d rather have a snake

You need a wand! What will the wand that chooses you be made of?

  1. Oak wood and Unicorn Hair

  2. Rosewood and Veela hair

  3. Holly wood and Phoenix feather

  4. Walnut and Dragon heartstring

What book will you want to use most at Hogwarts?

  1. One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi

  2. Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

  3. The Dark Forces: Guide to Self-Protection

  4. Who needs books?

It’s Christmas time here at Hogwarts! What do you wish for under your tree?

    1. A beautiful arrangement of succulents and a huge venus fly trap!

    2. A dragon’s egg, of course!

    3. Invisibility Cloak for sneaking

    4. A house elf...to do my chores, duh.

You can cast one spell/charm/curse...what is it?

    1. Protego (casts enchantment of protection)

    2. Vulnera Sanentur (heals gashes and wounds)

    3. Expelliarmus (disarms opponent)

     4. Sectumsempra (cuts or slashes target)

You get to take polyjuice and turn into someone else for the day. Who is it?

     1. Cedric Diggory           

     2. Luna Lovegood

     3. Neville Longbottom           

     4. Vincent Crabbe

What was your favorite animal shown in the HP movies?

     1. Pegasus

     2. Thestrals

     3. Phoenix

     4. Nagini the snake

Dementors are attacking Harry and he needs your help! What is your Patronus animal that can save him?

     1. A wolf

     2. A hare (bunny)

     3. A stag (boy deer)

     4. A doe (girl deer)

It’s time for the Triwizard games! You’re not yet of age, but your name gets picked! What do you do?

     1. Immediately start worrying

     2. Try to figure out a way to get out of it

     3. I’ll play but only because I literally have to and I’ll do my best

     4. Of course I’ll play because I am the best and will for sure win

You just found out that Voldemort is back at Hogwarts. What do you do?

     1. Stay loyal to Harry and let him take lead

     2. Quickly start writing down ideas and ways that could save everyone

     3. Take charge and gather everyone into a secret room to try to prepare

        against the dark arts

     4. Forget Harry Potter, I want to live!

Bellatrix has had her death eaters find you and locked you up. How do you get out?

     1. Get the help of the plants around you by using a spell

     2. Quickly use the Alohamora spell to blow up the lock

     3. Ask your trusty house elf, Dobby, to sneakily help

     4. Proclaim your loyalty to her

You’re in Professor Lupin's Defense Against The Dark Arts class! You open the chest, and your biggest fear pops out! What is it?

     1. A failing grade! yikes.

     2. An abandoned animal. Awww.

     3. Big, hairy, spiders! YUCK!

     4. Your father.

Tally your answers!

If you got a majority of 1’s: You better get your yellow and black on because you are a HUFFLEPUFF! This means that you are dedicated, hard working, loyal and patient. You are organized, on schedule and certainly able to look past a bad situation and focus on the future. You value friendship and don’t like to break the rules often. You love the outdoors, plants and shhh, gossiping! Maybe you have an interest in becoming an Agriculture major? Congrats!


If you got a majority of 2’s: Blue and black will be your colors for your four years at Hogwarts! You are in RAVENCLAW! You are intelligent, witty and knowledgeable. You think quick on your feet and can brain power your way through any situation. You no doubt have outstanding grades and extracurriculars. You understand people and have a soft-spot for animals. Maybe you have a major or minor in psychology or philosophy? Keep it up and congratulations!

If you got the majority of 3’s: Looks like you’ll be spending a lot of time with the Golden Trio of Harry, Ron and Hermione because you are a GRYFFINDOR! This means that you are undoubtedly brave, daring and reliable. You value adventure, spontaneity and getting into some trouble (whether that’s good or bad…) and are always up for some snooping. You would do anything for your friends, even risk your life. You might be studying abroad next semester? Stay safe and congrats!

If you got the majority of 4’s: Did you hear that? Ssss-ssss-sss...Slytherin? Yup, your mascot is a snake because you are a Slytherin! Even if you may have a bad rep, you are ambitious, cunning and resourceful. You can sneak out of a bad situation easily. You may even be on the narcissistic side, but hey, in the words of Justin Bieber, love yourself, right? You want to make sure you have the best for yourself, even if that means giving up a relationship with someone. You also have a hard time prioritizing your loyalties. You’re probably a business major? Go green and black! And congratulations!

No matter what house you care, remember, we are all fabulous. Now go kick some Voldemort butt!